Flush Door Price Philippines

Flush Door Price Philippines – Are you considering purchasing a flush door in the Philippines and wondering about the cost?

Look no further! In this brief guide, we will explore the different types of flush doors available, discuss whether they are cheaper compared to other door options, and provide insights into the typical prices you can expect to find in the Philippine market.

When it comes to flush doors, you’ll find options such as hollow core flush doors and solid core flush doors.

Types of Flush Door

There are various types of flush doors. Knowing the types will give you an idea of which flush door suits your house best.

As for the flush door price Philippines, you can check it out in the last section.

1.Hollow Core Flush Door

Hollow core flush doors are flush doors that have a hollow core. What’s holding together the parts of a hollow core flush door is the honeycomb framework. 

These flush doors tend to be more lightweight and less strong than solid-core flush doors.

The hollow core flush door price ranges from very affordable to quite expensive.

2.Wooden Flush Door

Wooden flush doors have simple construction, yet they offer much strength.

They have an appealing appearance, which makes the space more interesting.

Better still, they are low maintenance and affordable.

That said, it is best to learn wooden flush door price Philippines before you start shopping.

3.PVC Flush Door

Not all flush doors are made of timber. Some of them are made of PVC. PVC flush doors are in high demand right now.

This is hardly surprising. These flush doors are durable and have an excellent finish and hard surface. 

They have good resistance to weather as well. We will tell you the PVC flush door price Philippines in the last section.

4.Solid Core Flush Door

Solid core flush doors have a solid core. They are made of hard timber, which is where the solidness is derived.

Due to their extraordinary strength and good sound insulation, these flush doors are mostly used as exterior doors.

You can check the flush door price Philippines in the price list.

5.Flush Door Plywood

Cellular core flush doors have a plywood frame or wooden battens. Each batten has a width of less than 25 mm.

Cellular core flush doors are vacuum pressed and chemically treated. These give them water- and heat-resistant properties.

6.Flush Door with Louver

If you’re looking for a flush door that allows for light or air to come in and moisture to move out, your best option is to go with a flush door with louver.

The louver allows light and air to go through the door and at the same time, keeps moisture out.

7.Sliding Flush Door

Add a unique twist to your house by adding sliding flush doors.

Unlike regular flush doors, they save space, are simple to operate, and add unique movement.

8.Laminated Flush Door

Laminated flush doors are durable and easy to maintain. Due to their construction, these flush doors come with stain- and scratch-resistant qualities.

In addition, they are also water- and decay-proof.

Are Flush Doors Cheaper?

Yes, they are. Flush doors in general are affordable. Although flush door price Philippines varies, you can buy them without breaking the bank.

Not to mention you will always option regardless of your budget as well.

How Much Is a Flush Door in the Philippines?

We can’t give you a clear-cut answer to this question, unfortunately. The variety of flush door price Philippines is just too many. 

While can’t give you an exact number, we do have a flush door price list Philippines.

We listed the price of different flush doors, including flush door with jamb price Philippines, metal flush door price Philippines, and steel flush door price Philippines, among others.

NoItemPrice (in ₱)‎
1Hollow Core Flush Door1,901
2Wooden Flush Door2,199
3PVC Flush Door1,650
4Solid Core Flush Door1,881
5Flush Door Plywood1,901
6Flus Door with Louver2,500
7Sliding Flush Door3,189
8Laminated Flush Door2,190
9Flush Door with Jamb5,734
10Metal Flush Door11,561
11Steel Flush Door11,561

The flush door price Philippines varies widely.

Use the flush door – price Philippines list above to help you estimate how much money you will need to spend for flush doors.

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