I Beam Price List

I Beam price is increasing because it has an important role in construction work. Check the types, uses, and list of prices for this important material.

I Beam was a popular material in construction, made by genius engineer Alphonse Halbou in the 19th century.

After that, the use of I Beams is spreading worldwide and it helps a lot of the construction world. I Beam price is affordable for every civil work.

For ordinary people, I Beams are more popular as the skeletal part under the bridge.

The installation of I Beams requires the exact calculation because it’s about safety. Find out the uses, the types, and the price of I Beams available on the market.

What is I Beam?

I-beam steel itself has a lot of names. Some people know it as H-beam and in Europe, it’s more popular with the name double-T.

The element of the I-beam is horizontal and vertical. The horizontal one is flange and the vertical one is the web. I-beam is an important part of engineering.

The vertical element or web is holding an important part. It will resist the shear force from the possible load on top of it.

Meanwhile, the horizontal or flange will be the bending moment by the beam itself. I-beam follows the Euler and Bernoulli law and equation.

Uses of I Beam

1. Cargo Ships and Docks

I-beam price and roles are popular in vehicles on the seas and cargo ships. I-beams have a unique shape that will be suitable for the cargo.

With a load that up to 200,000 tons, I-beams will work well to hold the load without any damage.

Not only the ships, but docks also need I-beams because they should support the weight of containers from the ships.

Without strong docks, the port won’t work and transferring containers will be a big issue. For massive stuff, it needs w-beams that are constructed well.

2. Building Construction

Building construction especially commercial ones needs I-beams. A commercial building needs strong beams because it has a very large amount of footprints.

The option to use is H-beams because they can support the building up to 330 feet in length after span up.

H-beams have thicker webs too. The flanges are wide. So the strength is great for all directions of the building.

For lightweight building, it may be a waste since I-beam price Philippines is quite expensive.

However, the commercial buildings need it a lot to make sure the building is capable to handle the loads.

3. A Bridge Construction

Building a bridge must have a lot of consideration. The bridge will hold several loads that might be unexpected.

Some vehicles might be on top of the bridge altogether and it’s going to be dangerous if the calculation isn’t proper. So, it needs I-beams as the most important material.

I-beam sizes will help the bridge to share the loads in some direction. It will help the bridge work well in case there’s a super heavy load coming from the vehicles.

The heavier vehicles, the pressure to the bottom is bigger. I-beams will decrease the pressure to make the bridge safe.

Types of I Beam

1. I-Beams


The first type is I-beams and they gave parallel flanges. The leg parts are narrower than other beams. It has less weight and is good for the short-length purpose.

It tolerates about 100 feet only. Sometimes, people make I-beams as an alternative to S-beam because of the short length size.

2. W-Beams


W-beams have wide legs compared to I-beams. It has a similar form to H-piles because of the size its thickness.

W-beams themselves take from the word “wide”. It’s the beam that becomes a solution for a lot of construction, especially bridges and buildings.

3. H-Piles


The legs of H-piles are wider than other beams and it’s the reason why the weight is heavier. There js parallel flanges as well on its surface.

The thickness of H-piles is equal to whatever sections you choose, from horizontal or vertical to hold the load.

I Beam Price List

Size of the I-Beams



8x8x486m₱  28,250
8x8x406m₱  19,950
8x8x356m₱  17,450
8x8x316m₱  14,500
8×6.5×286m₱  13,100
8×6.5×2812m₱  26,200
6x6x6256m₱  12,480
8×6.5×246m₱  11,400
8×6.5×216m₱  12,250
6x4x166m₱  10,300
6x4x126m₱  8,500
6x4x96m₱  5,200

Various I-beam price on the market is common. Some construction equipment sellers only do it by request since it’s a material for a big footprint only. Until now, I-beams are very important for a lot of projects