IMC Pipe Price Philippines

IMC Pipe Price List Philippines – Are you in the market for electrical conduit pipes in the Philippines and considering IMC pipes?

IMC pipes are a popular choice for electrical installations due to their durability and strength. But, how much do they cost in the Philippines, and what should you consider before buying them?

In this article, we’ll explore the uses of IMC pipes, the current price range in the Philippines, and the essential factors to keep in mind before purchasing them.

So, if you’re curious about IMC pipes and want to know if they’re the right fit for your project, keep reading!

Uses of IMC Pipe

Intermediate metal conduit (IMC) is a conduit designed for strong connections and outdoor exposure.

It was developed in the 1970s as a cross between rigid metal conduit (RMC) and electrical metallic tubing (EMT).

The purpose of the rigid steel conduit is to protect insulated electrical conductors and cables.

Its exterior has a hot galvanized coating while its interior has a special corrosive-resistant coating. IMC pipes are available in a variety of sizes, which you can see on our IMC pipe price list below.

In terms of uses, IMC has the same applications as RMC. The two are interchangeable.

Not only does IMC work just like RMC, but it also weighs a third less. When you use IMC, you no longer need a heavier-walled conduit.

IMC Pipe Price in Philippines

Here’s an IMC pipe price list to help you determine the amount of money you will spend.

NoItemSize in diameterLengthPrice (in ₱)
1IMC Conduit Pipe w/ Coupling1/2 inch (15 mm)3 meters228
2IMC Conduit Pipe w/ Coupling3/4 inch (20 mm)3 meters295
3IMC Conduit Pipe w/ Coupling1 inch (25 mm)3 meters515
4IMC Conduit Pipe w/ Coupling1-1/4 inches (32 mm)3 meters614
5IMC Conduit Pipe w/ Coupling1-1/2 inches (40 mm)3 meters778
6IMC Conduit Pipe w/ Coupling2 inches (50 mm)3 meters993
7IMC Conduit Pipe w/ Coupling2-1/2 inches (65mm)3 meters1686
8IMC Conduit Pipe w/ Coupling3 inches (80 mm)3 meters2061
9IMC Conduit Pipe w/ Coupling3-1/2 inches (90 mm)3 meters3092
10IMC Conduit Pipe w/ Coupling4 inches (100 mm)3 meters3584

Consideration before buying IMC Pipe

  • Sizes

As our IMC pipe price list has shown you, IMC pipe is available in a variety of sizes. The smallest size is 1/2 inch, while the largest is 4 inches.

IMC is sold in 10 feet or 3 meters lengths, both with threaded ends and without.

  • Applications

In terms of applications, IMC can be used anywhere RMC can be used. This is true for residential and commercial applications.

For example, panel connections, service masts, and other outdoor applications. The two are interchangeable.

In residential wiring, IMC is mostly used for exposed wiring that runs to and from exterior service panels as well as service entrance assemblies.

What makes IMC different from RMC is that it is lighter (about a third less the weight of RMC).

In addition, IMC also has a larger interior diameter and smoother interior. As a result, it is easier to work with than RMC. It comes as no surprise that it has replaced RMC in many applications.

  • Installation

Our IMC pipe price list has shown that the conduit comes in a variety of sizes. Despite its size variety, the installation process of IMC is the same.

The pipe is put together with threaded couplings. This is to ensure secure and safe connections.

For installing, you will need pipe wrenches or big pliers. As for cutting, you can use pipe cutters or a band saw. Make sure to smooth the interior so there is no sharp burr inside.

This is important because if there is any sharp burr in the interior, it might damage the wire that goes through the pipe. Once the pipe is cut, the next thing to do is to thread its cut end.

By threading the cut end, you will be able to make whatever lengths you need. You can use our IMC pipe price list to estimate the cost.

Where to Buy IMC Pipe in Philippines

IMC is widely available in the Philippines. You can buy the electrical conduit at online and offline stores. 

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