Phenolic Board Price List

Phenolic board price is inexpensive and it’s the reason people choose this board for projects. Check the uses and advantages below to be more confident with the work.

Phenolic is a synthetic plastic resin and now there’s a board to create with the mix of phenolic. There are a lot of phenolic board price on the market to use for your construction.

The use of the phenolic board is worldwide now since the resin appears beautifully on the surface.

What is Phenolic Board

A phenolic board is a board with a coating on the surface. The coating itself is from phenolic material with the purpose to protect the board from moisture.

Usually, phenolic boards are common to create furniture or wood objects for the room with high moisture such as kitchen and bathroom.

The coating is permanent and stuck because of the bond from the resin to the wood or birch. The coating is glossy and beautiful, so some furniture uses this board as an external appearance.

The phenolic board is hard and stable from the low friction that occurs on the surface.

Uses of Phenolic Board

1. Construction Industry

Construction Industry

Some contractors use a lot of phenolic boards in the construction industry. The quality of the board may be lower than the board from cement, but the application of the board is excellent for waterproofing.

The surface is smooth and contractors don’t need to add more budget to smoothen it.

The construction industry also uses crocodile phenolic board because it’s easy to cut.

However, the contractors might need special blades because the veneer layer on the surface is quite strong. A saw or knife will only damage the surface.

2. Flooring


Another popular option is using the phenolic board as flooring. Tiles might be so popular worldwide and easy to find on the market, but flooring with the phenolic board is unique.

The board with phenolic has fairly strength as long as the load isn’t as heavy as other rooms such as bedrooms or bathrooms.

A shuta phenolic board also offers quality with non-slippery. This specialty becomes an alternative for homeowners to change their bathroom flooring with the phenolic board.

You can customize the color and also pattern to create nuance to adjust the concept of your house.

3. Furniture


Some countries might not know phenolic board at all because the main material isn’t available worldwide.

However, the area which produces phenolic board size will create furniture from the phenolic board because of durability reasons.

The phenolic board is durable and moisture resistant. The homeowners don’t need to worry if the furniture will get mold because of the damp condition interior.

It’s easy to maintain and clean. With a wet towel, the furniture will be back to a cleaner condition without mold risk.

Phenolic Board Price List

Here is a list of Phenolic Board Price Philippines:

Type of Phenolic Board


Size 1/2₱ 910.00
Size 3/4₱ 1,105.00

Advantages of Phenolic Board

1. Hard and Resistant

The phenolic board price has high resistance to friction. It’s not easily broken even though it’s not from cement.

This is the reason the phenolic board is popular for flooring in some countries. It’s not easy to cut unless the builder cuts it using a special blade.

2. Moisture Resistant

The surface of the board is moisture resistant because of resin or veneer. Though there’s a droplet on it, the bacteria and mold won’t grow on the surface.

The homeowners are easy to clean the taint or dirt using a damp towel.

3. Color Option

It has a lot of color options. Besides flooring, the phenolic board is good to use as the main material of furniture such as a coffee table, countertop, and even the kitchen cabinet.

In some places, you can request the color of the phenolic board. The finish is smooth and suitable for a home project too.

The use of the phenolic board is widespread. Phenolic board price is cheap with a great level of resistance from moisture and mold.

Using this board will be a big investment, for building construction or home decoration.