PVC Fittings Price

Wondering about the cost of PVC fittings in the Philippines? Look no further! PVC fittings are essential components for plumbing and piping systems, providing secure connections and versatility.

When it comes to their price in the Philippines, it can vary depending on factors such as the type, size, and brand.

On average, you can find PVC fittings starting from around ₱24 per piece.

In this article, we will explore the different types of PVC fittings available, provide a comprehensive price guide, and discuss the various sizes of PVC pipe connectors.

Discover the perfect PVC fittings to ensure efficient and reliable plumbing solutions.

Types of PVC Fittings


Tees PVC Fittings

This is the popular type in the market, and you may see this type everywhere. It has three ends where two holes are straight in a line, and another one has a perpendicular angle.

The design is standard, but the diameter will be different. The PVC fittings price for this type depends on the size.


Elbow PVC Fittings

This type looks like an elbow with a 45 or 90-degree bend on it. The function is to direct the pipe in different directions.

This type is helpful in many projects because the pipe cannot bend. This PVC fittings price list Philippines is very affordable, both branded and standard.


Cross PVC Fittings

The cross-type has four different angles. Instead of the connector, this type is usually for pipe framework projects.

It comes in many sizes, and most designs are very standard. For the pipe to flow the fluid, this fitting can divide the flow into four different directions.

4.Caps and plugs

Caps and plugs PVC Fittings

This fitting has a different function than others because it will stop the flow. As a cap, the position to put this fitting is at the end of the pipe.

Many piping systems use this type because it is strong enough to stop the fluid. The PVC fittings price for this type is quite expensive because of the thickness.

5.Unions and coupling

Unions and coupling PVC Fittings

This PVC fittings price is the cheapest among other types because the design is simple.

It only connects two pipes into one, so the framework can be longer. It has many sizes in the market. While the unions are the removable connector that connects two pipes.


Adapters PVC Fittings

The adapter will connect two pipes of different sizes.

This fitting is helpful for many frameworks, especially plumber systems to flow the fluid into different areas and directions.


Compression PVC Fittings

The compression type has a good function because it will tighten the connection, so the leakage can be avoided.

When you buy compression, there are three different parts, gasket ring, nut, and body. This PVC fittings price is the most expensive one.

PVC Fittings Price Philippines

Before you buy a PVC fitting, you should see which type you need. Here is the PVC fittings price list that you will find in some marketplaces:

PVC Fittings TypesPrice (₱)
Pe Compression fittings24-115
PVC sanitary fitting20-96
CW PVC ¾ inches179
Bo Pipe 2-4”12-60
Emerald Ultima Supra 2”27-135
Dheart bulkhead115-310
Neltex PVC65

Are There Different Sizes of PVC Pipe Connectors?

Yes. It comes in different sizes, and PVC fittings name comes differently according to the shape and size.

The first size is the plumbing grade. It is big because the use is for the sewer and drainage system.

The smaller ones are furniture grade.

Here’s a table showcasing different sizes of PVC pipe connectors:

Connector SizeInner Diameter (inches)Outer Diameter (inches)
1 1/4″1.3801.660
1 1/2″1.6101.900

Pros and Cons of PVC Fittings


  • No corrosion

Using PVC fitting has the biggest advantage to avoid corrosion. Since it is made from PVC, the material has corrosion resistance.

This risk is a priority in many building frameworks. Choosing PVC fittings can be a good investment for the project.

  • Durable

PVC material is extremely durable. It is sturdy, but at the same time, it is very flexible to install.

With many sizes available, you can choose whichever that fits your needs.

  • Good insulation

PVC has good insulation Whether the hot or cool fluid will not be too much affected by the fitting.

The water can travel through the fittings well.


  • Cost

The PVC fittings price for some types may be expensive because of the parts they have.

For small projects, the fittings cost a lot, especially if it needs to create a framework.

  • Heat limit

Another con is the heat limit. PVC is a plastic material, and there is a heat limit.

If the fluid is above 140 degrees Fahrenheit, the fittings may be broken because the inside will melt.

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