PVC Sheet Price Philippines

Interested in the PVC sheet price Philippines? Look no further!

PVC sheets offer versatility and durability for various applications, from construction to signage.

When it comes to their price in the Philippines, it can vary depending on factors such as the type, thickness, and brand.

On average, you can find PVC sheets starting from around ₱15 per square meter.

In this article, we will explore the different types of PVC sheets.

Additionally, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of PVC sheets to help you make an informed decision.

Discover the perfect PVC sheet for your project needs within your budget

Types of PVC Sheets

1.EX-CEL PVC Free Foam Sheet

EX-CEL PVC Free Foam

Sometimes, this type is more popular as a free foam board. It is very light and the texture is fine. The free foam is formed chemically.

If you look at the foam sheet closely, you will find the cell structure is very closed.

The PVC sheet price Philippines for this PVC sheet board is very affordable.

Since the structure is very fine, the free foam sheet is suitable for graphic printing.

The lettering enamels and screen inks are excellent on it too. This sheet is also popular in many uses such as electrical, advertising, photographic, and construction industries.

2.EX-CEL PVC Integral Sheet

EX-CEL PVC Integral Sheet

The PVC sheet sizes for the integral type are 200-3050 mm for the length, 1220 mm for the width, and 8-30 mm for the thickness.

This sheet is rigid and lightweight. The structure of the cell is very closed, so the finish for the design is glossy. Both sides of the surface are hard.

The PVC sheet price Philippines for this type is often used for furniture. The PVC sheet piles are perfect for window shutters, bathroom furniture, laboratory furniture, wall & partitions, embossing, advertising signages, and displays.

It is non-toxic and has thermal insulation for those purposes.

3.EX-CEL PVC Rigid Sheet

EX-CEL PVC Free Foam

The rigid sheet is very environmentally friendly. This PVC sheet price Philippines is the highest among other types of PVC sheets.

The surface is glossy and smooth, so it is perfect for many applications such as embossing, painting, engraving, riveting, and drilling.

This rigid sheet is easy to fabricate. The printability level is good as well as its thermal insulation.

This material is not easy to burn because of fire. Plus, the strength level of this PVC sheet is very high.

It also has non-corrosion and non-toxic features, so it is safe to use for furniture purposes.

PVC Sheet Price Philippines

The PVC sheet price Philippines is very affordable, but you have to choose the kind of sheet according to your needs.

Check the types and their price list below which are available in the Philippine’s market:

PVC Sheet typesPrice (₱)
Sintra PVC 3mm Board15-70
Corrugated PVC board661
Cuyi PVC sheet200-240
PVC engineering grey120-510
Mica PVC clear251-276
Officom PVC set205-895
Colored PVC sheet49-58

Pros and Cons of PVC Sheet


  • Affordable

The main reason why PVC sheets are highly recommended is that the PVC sheet price Philippines is very affordable.

It can replace conventional materials, so the budget can be more efficient while building your dream house. More homeowners use PVC sheets than gypsum and wood.

  • Easy to install

The installation of the PVC sheet is easy. It is very lightweight, so the workers will not find it hard to install this material for the ceiling and other panels.

Plus, PVC is very clean when it is cut and trimmed. It doesn’t have dust which will make the work easier and more efficient.

  • Durable

The PVC sheet is durable. It is very sturdy, so the sheet can last for more than 20 years.

While other materials need good handling, this material doesn’t need high care since it doesn’t get damaged easily.

  • Waterproof

The best thing about PVC sheets is the waterproof feature. It is dampness resistant, so mildew growth is impossible on the PVC surface.

The material will not turn yellow because of the dampness that often occurs on other materials.


  • Toxic gas release

PVC material has toxic gas release over time. It is from chlorine, and it can be dangerous after some period.

It cannot be put in the kitchen because of the heat since the heat will encourage the chlorine release from it.

  • Not a heat resistance

This is a bad thing about the PVC sheet though the PVC sheet price Philippines is affordable.

It can be burnt easily because it is basically plastic material.

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