Rubberized Floor Paint Price

Rubberized floor paint price start from ₱ 174 – ₱ 1620 in Philippines . The price can go highh or low depens several factors, either brand rubberized floor paint you’re choose.

Rubberized floor paint price is a good option if you want to increase the look of your floor since it’s affordable.

Check its advantages and price list here.

What is a Rubberized Floor Paint?


Rubberized floor paint is paint that is excellent for coating. The name of the product sounds specialized for floor coating.

However, you can use this paint for other purposes such as painting concrete, metal, and wood. The drying time is fast. Rubberized floor paint price is affordable.

General uses

The paint is versatile when it comes to uses. Generally, this paint is for floors of many types such as metal, wooden, and concrete.

However, you can also use this paint for other purposes such as painting driveways and stairways. It is the best option to paint the exterior.

Finish Effect

The finished effect of the rubberized paint is semi-gloss. It is not too shiny because that effect might ruin the nuance of the space.

But it can be reflective of the light. For any kind of space, the paint will help generate the look of the flooring. All in a way, it looks elegant and classy.

How to Use

Using a rubberized floor is easy. You have to mix the paint first before applying it to the surface or material.

The bottom of the can may have more pigment. Stir it well using tools like a clean wood stick. Avoid using metal material because it can influence the color and bait chemical reactions.

Application method

Rubberized floor paint price is known as affordable for a lot of uses. You can apply the paint with several methods, such as rolling, spraying, and brushing.

The difference between the methods is only the reduction. Brushing and rolling have a 10% reduction, while spraying is 20%.

Drying and Recoating

The rubberized floor paint price is affordable for good quality paint for recoating. Its drying time is also not bad.

After twenty minutes, the paint is already dry to the touch. For a harder result, it only takes about four hours. For recoating, you can do it after six hours. Recoating is ideal on the same day.

Application safety

It’s important to be safe while applying the rubber paint for floors. The paint might have some odor on particular brands.

Inhaling the smell might give you dizziness and a hallucination sensation. Wear a face mask and make sure the ventilation in the room is adequate.

Advantages of Rubberized Floor Paint

  • Nontoxic

The material in rubberized floor paint is not toxic. It allows you to apply any kind of method safely as long as you wear a mask.

After you apply the paint, you can immediately enjoy the result without waiting for some time. The dried paint is not harmful to your activities.

  •  Oil resistant

The rubberized floor paint price is higher than other types of floor paint because it is oil resistant.

The paint will not absorb the oil and ruin the color of the floor. It is efficient for a high-traffic room in the building. Almost all brands of rubberized floor paint are oil-resistant.

  • Acid resistant

Another benefit of rubberized paint is the material in it is acid resistant. The floor in any kind of building has very high traffic all the time.

Dust and dirt might contain acid and other chemicals that will degrade the floor’s quality. This paint is acid resistant and the corrosion risk can be avoided.

  • Non-slip

The material of rubberized floor paint is also non-slip. The rubberized process can minimize the slippery level in it.

Most brands create non-slip benefits because it helps the homeowner to create a safe space in their house. It is way better than ordinary tiles that you find in the market.

  • Mercury-free

Another advantage of rubberized floor paint is that the material of the paint is mercury free. Mercury is dangerous for health, especially if the flooring is intended to be a space for kids. Rubberized floor paint is decorative paint that has a safe formula for all uses.

  • Good pigment

Because of the rubberized process, the pigment of the paint is good not only for the floor.

This paint can be a good application for other purposes such as metal, concrete, and wood. This rubberized floor paint price is affordable enough to get a good and long-lasting result.

Rubberized Floor Paint Price Philippines

The rubberized floor paint price in the Philippines depends on the brands of the paint. Some brands sell at a higher price with particular claims such as non-odor and faster drying time.

Here is the price list that you’ll find in the Philippines.

Rubberized Floor Paint BrandsPrice
Bosny Undercoat Spray₱ 174
ElastoFloor₱ 330
Shelby Asphalt₱ 950
Davies Acreex₱ 1643
Destiny Trple X₱ 587
Campbridge Coat₱ 1620
Boysen rubber coat₱ 292

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