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Sheet piling is a versatile construction material utilized for retaining walls, flood barriers, and excavation support.

Its cost may vary based on factors like the specific type of sheet piling, length, and thickness.

On average, sheet piling can be found at prices starting from approximately ₱13,000 per linear meter.

Within this article, we will delve into the various types of sheet piling, explore their benefits, and present you with a comprehensive pricing guide.

Find the ideal sheet piling solution for your construction ventures and fortify your foundations with utmost confidence.

Types Of Sheet Piles

Sheet piles are materials used for making temporary or permanent retaining walls.

Construction workers must create these walls when they build constructions below ground or water level.

Some examples of these constructions are underground car parks, bridge abutments, basements, and quay walls.

To meet different construction needs, manufacturers create various types of sheet piles.

The different types of sheet piles cause differences in sheet piling prices in the Philippines. Below are sheet pile types you can get in this country.

1.Steel Sheet Pile

steel sheet pile

Steel sheet piles are best for permanent retaining walls.

They are durable due to anti-corrosion protection on their surfaces. In addition, they are easy to construct and have excellent water-tightness.

These sheet piles consist of a web and integral interlocks on each edge.

Moreover, steel sheet piles are available in several types of designs, such as type 2, type 1, and type 3. The sheet pile type 2 price is fairly affordable.

2.PVC Sheet Pile

pvc sheet pile

PVC sheet piles are ideal for marine and heavy loads applications.

This type of sheet pile is popular for being static, durable, and affordable.  In addition, PVC sheet piles are recyclable. 

3.Metal Sheet Piling

metal sheet piling

Metal sheet piling is similar to steel sheet piles. Therefore, it offers similar applications, benefits, and designs.

4.Fiberglass Sheet Pile

fiberglass sheet pile

Fiberglass sheet piles or FRP sheet piles are extremely resistant to corrosion.

Therefore, they are best for harsh marine applications. In addition, FRP sheet piling prices are relatively lower than metal sheet pile prices.

Therefore, FRP sheet piles offer cost-effective retaining walls.

5.Vinyl Sheet Piling

vinyl sheet piling

Vinyl sheet piling is similar to PVC sheet piles. They are affordable, resistant to rust, and durable.

6.Wooden Sheet Pile

wooden sheet pile

Wooden sheet piles are not as durable as steel or PVC sheet piles.

Therefore, they are only ideal for applications located in places that have minor water problems and require small excavations.

Sheet Pile Dimensions

The dimensions of sheet piles depend on the sheet pile types. Below are examples of sheet pile dimensions based on types.

  1. Wood Sheet Pile Dimensions: Wood sheet piles are wood planks with a dimension from 5 x 30, 10 x 30 cm, or more. In addition, the thicknesses of the planks are 5, 8, and 10 cm.
  2. Steel Sheet Pile Dimensions: Steel sheet piles have various dimensions. Its U-shape design, for example, has a dimension ranging from 35 x 14 x 8 cm to 90 x 36 x 9 cm.
  3. PVC Sheet Pile Dimensions: This type of sheet pile also come in several sizes. Some PVS sheet piles have a dimension of 50 x 16 cm with a wall thickness of 6 mm. 

Sheet Piling Prices in the Philippines

Sheet piling prices in the Philippines are not too expensive.

These prices are even more affordable if you look for used steel sheet piling for sale.

Used sheet pile type 2 price Philippines is indeed affordable, but you must ensure that it is worth the quality.

Below are the sheet pile prices for 2023 in the Philippines.

Sheet PileSizePrice
New Steel Sheet Pile Type 240 x 10 x 1.05 cm₱13,885
New Steel Sheet Pile Type 4 40 x 17 x 1,55 cm₱13,885
New Steel Sheet Pile Type 340 x 12.5 x 1.3 cm₱13,000
Used Steel Sheet Pile Type Z12 m x 1.14 m x 8 mm₱ 60/kg
PVC Sheet Pile₱1,200

Sheet Pile Supplier Philippines

Where to get sheet piles in the Philippines? You can contact these suppliers to get these materials. 

  1. ESC Steel Philippines Inc.: This supplier offers steel and PVC sheet piles in various dimensions. The locations of its offices are in Cebu and Manila.
  2. Linsteel Philippines: It sells steel sheet piles in various profiles for different applications. Linsteel Philippines has an office in Bulacan and one in Cebu.
  3. You can find many sheet pile suppliers on this website.

Sheet piles are an essential material in underground constructions. T

hey are available in several types, such as steel sheet piles and PVC sheet piles. Therefore, sheet pile prices vary depending on the type of sheet pile. 

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