SRC Panel Price and Size Philippines

Modern technology has brought new types of materials into the construction industry. One of them is SRC panels.

These panels offer some advantages and are suitable for various applications. How much is the SRC panel price Philippines? Is it affordable?

Well, constructing a building using SRC panels is more economical than using traditional construction materials.

Due to the benefits that they offer many Filipinos choose to use SRC panel systems over concrete hollow blocks when constructing residential and commercial buildings.

What is SRC

SRC (steel reinforced concrete) panel is a type of composite sandwich structural panel whose composition consists of concrete plaster as the exterior faces, high tensile wires densely wired together, and an EPS (expanded polystyrene) core.

The lightweight EPS core makes the SRC panels lighter and easier to install. However, despite its lightweight, the EPS panel system can withstand wind and earthquakes very well. 

The outer layers and the EPS core will support each other when the SRC panels are properly installed. Therefore, they have greater flexibility to resist wind and seismic force. Below are several key points about the SRC panel system.

  • The Function of the SRC Panel Parts

Each part of the SRC composite sandwich panels has different functions. The steel-reinforced concrete panels provide compressive and tensile strength.

Meanwhile, the EPS core stabilizes the two outer panels against buckling under particular conditions. Moreover, the core also works as acoustic and thermal insulations.

  • A Glance on the Installation SRC Panel System

The installation process of the SRC panel system is not as time-consuming as erecting traditional construction materials. Moreover, the SRC panel price Philippines makes this installation process cost-effective.

You need SRC panels, a cement concrete mixer, a concrete sprayer, beams and dowels for the SRC panel supports, and installation and cutting tools to install the panel system. When you buy SRC panels, they don’t have concrete plaster.

Therefore, you need to apply the concrete plaster manually or by using the concrete sprayer after erecting the SRC panels. After that, you can paint the panels.

Uses of SRC Panel

You can use SRC panels for several construction applications.

  1. Walls

The SRC panels are an excellent material for constructing walls. You can install them as load-bearing walls indoors and outdoors.

Many commercial buildings use SRC panel systems to build office partitions, storage rooms, and cold storage rooms.

Moreover, many hospitals also use these panels to separate the patient rooms. Meanwhile, the panels are also great for indoor walls and partitions in residential homes.

  1. Roofs

Roofs made of an SRC panel system offer better protection from the heat of the sun due to their thermal insulation function. In addition, these composite sandwich panels are lightweight.

Therefore, SRC-panel roofs do not need strong support.

  1. Floors 

SRC panels are also perfect for flooring, particularly floors for temporary offices or other temporary buildings. These panels are also excellent for cold storage floors.

SRC Panel Price List

The SRC panel price Philippines is affordable for most Filipinos. A thicker SRC panel is usually more expensive than the thinner one.

Moreover, the diameter of the wire mesh also affects the price.

Below is the estimated SRC sandwich panel price Philippines.

SRC Panel for Wall and RoofPrice
Thickness: 50 mm
Size: 4 x 10 ft
Thickness: 50 mm
Size: 1.2 x 3 m
Wire diameter: 2 mm
Thickness: 130 mm
Size: 1.15 x 1.2 m
Wire diameter: 3.8 mm
Thickness: 50 mm
Size: 1.15 x 1.2 m
Wire diameter: 3.8 mm
Thickness: 200 mm
Size: 1.2 x 3 m
Mesh wire diameter: 2 mm

Where to Buy SRC Panel in the Philippines

Shopping for SRC panels in the Philippines is not a difficult thing to do. Several local manufacturers and sellers sell high-quality SRC panels. Some manufacturers even offer them in customized sizes to meet the buyers’ needs.


One of the SRC panel providers in the Philippines is PANEL SYSTEM. This SRC Panel manufacturer has many years of experience in the business. Its SRC panels are popular for their excellent quality. 

In addition, PANEL SYSTEM has outlets in several cities in the Philippines. Therefore, you can find them relatively easily. 

If you cannot find the outlet in your city, you can order the panels via the manufacturer’s social media account, website, or telephone. PANEL SYSTEM will receive your order and send it from the nearest outlet to your location. 

  1. Online Sellers

You can buy SRC panels from online sellers on Alibaba or other marketplaces. Alibaba is probably the best place to buy these panels because many sellers sell SRC panels on them.

In addition, they sell them in various sizes and at affordable prices. You can even ask for customized panels if you want to. However, Alibaba is only perfect for you who buy wholesale SRC panels. Moreover, many Alibaba sellers ship the panels from out of the Philippines.

SRC Panel Advantages and Disadvantages

Using the SRC panel system in your construction project will give you some advantages. However, this panel system also has some drawbacks.


  • Economical
  • Lightweight
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Soundproof
  • Keep the space cool
  • Resistant to wind
  • Resistant to seismic force


The main drawback of the SRC panel system is that it cannot withstand a wet environment very well when it is not properly installed. You must ensure that you apply the concrete plaster properly to improve its moisture resistance.

SRC panel price Philippines ranges from affordable to expensive. The more affordable ones generally have thinner cores and smaller wire mesh diameters.

Despite their affordable price, SRC panels offer many advantages, such as being easy to install, resistant to seismic force, and soundproof.

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