THHN Wire Price Philippines

The usage of THHN wire in many households and applications is high. This cable is copper with a nylon jacket outside and has been in general use.

THHN wire price in the Philippines is very cheap and it has many sizes to fit the needs of electrical wire, high or low voltages.

The specification of THHN wire is very flexible. Since it has a lot of sizes, it fits the requirements from single and mini households to commercial electricity.

We find this wire in many electrical appliances as well, so the usage is very familiar daily. This wire is everywhere in many areas.

So, what are the uses, specifications, and prices of THHN wire in the Philippines? Check the information below.

Meaning of THHN Wire

What is THHN wire? It is a thermoplastic high-heat nylon wire. It is a popular conductor in the world because it has high versatility. It is suitable for a high-temperatures in both dry and wet conditions.

The nylon as the jacket will protect the copper inside from any dangerous risk. It’s heat and abrasion-resistant.

Uses of THHN Wire

  • Panel for large appliances

It is vital to choose THHN electrical wire for the large appliance. The wire should be the thickest among all types of wires. The appliances such as ranges and dryers use THHN wire AWG1 or the wiring. The thick wire helps to make the movement flexible and durable for a long time.

  • Service panel

A service panel is part of an important network in our daily life. The service panel purpose uses AWG 2. It is thinner than AWG1, but the weight is similar to the AWG1. Many household wiring uses this type. The service panel uses THHN wire because it’s been the most durable for years.

  • Lighting circuit

The lighting circuit also uses THHN stranded wire type AWG3. Lighting uses a smaller size of THHN wire since sometimes it will be inserted into the hole of the wall and other parts of the house.

  • Doorbells

A modern doorbell uses THHN AWG6 type of wire. Some usages such as security systems and low-voltage applications also need this THHN wire. It’s safe, practical, and durable.

  • General electrical wiring

A THHN wire is also for general electrical wiring. Since it is affordable and easy to get on the market, THHN has huge popularity everywhere. When you need a cable, THHN can be the first option.

  • Building wire

The building system needs a strong wire and THHN is the best choice. Usually, the construction workers use AWG10 type for this work. The wire can handle heavy currents in the building.

  • Wire for vehicle

The wire you see on the vehicle comes from THHN wire type AWG12. It’s strong and durable even though the current is lower than others. The wire is thinner as well.

  • Commercial building

Commercial buildings need a thick and strong THHN wire. They use AWG 16 and THHN wire 14 for this purpose.

The wire can transmit a lot of power at a higher voltage. Any project that needs much power should use these HTTN wire types.

THHN Wire Specifications

  • Size

The size and THHN wire price consists of 10 types, the level starting from 1-16, unordered. The name of the size is called AWG with a number code.

Some types are thicker than others. Different levels of sizes will affect the wire’s usage. On the market, many THHN wires available are the AWG8 to AWG14. 

  • Material

The main material of the kind of wire is copper. This material is good to send electricity from one place to another. It’s safer yet powerful.

Copper is also cheap on the market. The jacket is made from nylon. It is flexible and protects the copper wire in it. Another name for a nylon jacket is a conduit.

  • Temperature

To use the electrical wire THHN, there is temperature capacity in both dry and wet conditions. In dry conditions, it is up to 90°C.

For the wet condition, it is only up to 75°C. Above those temperatures might result in dangerous conditions and the wire doesn’t work properly.

  • Voltage

The maximum voltage for THHN wire is only 600 volts. It is the most powerful one where AWG 14 and 16 work for it.

Usually, that voltage is for a big project in a commercial building or residence.

THHN Wire Size

There are some THHN wire sizes table Philippines you should know.

Size in AWG consist of 16,14,12,10,8,6,4,3,2,1

THHN Wire Price List

The THHN wire price in the Philippines is cheap because the supply is high. Check the list of prices in the chart here.

Brand and sizePrice
Hypertech 14₱1450
Powerflex 12₱2840
Goldflex 14₱2320
Wiremax 12₱1400
Phelps dodge 14₱1395


Can You Use THHN Building Wire in a Rigid Conduit or Raceway?

Unless the THHN wire is enclosed, you are not allowed to do it. You have to install the wire in an approved raceway or conduit

Can You Use THHN Wire Outdoors?

For outdoor applications, you can use the THHN wire. However, the risk is higher. The solution is installing the wire into a conduit. After that, you can run it underground safely. The conduit will protect the wire.

Can You Bury THHN Wire?

Burying a THHN wire is not allowed. It is not following the standard of burial cable. So, you have to insert the wire into a conduit first before placing it underground

It is important to know the specification and THHN wire price on the market before you buy one. This wire might not fit the requirement, from the size and voltage.

Check the specification that fits with the use you are going to do before installing or replacing the wire.