Turn Buckle Price Philippines

Are you interested in the turn buckle price Philippines? Look no further!

Turn buckles are essential hardware for tensioning and adjusting cables, wires, and ropes. When it comes to their price in the Philippines, it can vary depending on factors such as the size, material, and load capacity.

On average, you can find turn buckles starting from around ₱300 – ₱1,700 per piece.

In this article, we will explore the different types of turn buckles available, discuss their parts and installation process, and provide you with a comprehensive price guide.

Discover the perfect turn buckle for your needs and secure your projects with ease.

Types of Turn Buckle

Turnbuckles are tools for adjusting the length or tension of tensioning systems, such as ropes, tie rods, and cables.

Moreover, turnbuckles are also useful for pushing apart and pulling together anchor points.

They come in several different sizes. Consequently, the turn buckle price Philippines varies widely.

Some turn buckle sizes available in Filipino sellers are turnbuckle m10, turnbuckle ¼ inches, and turnbuckle 16mm.

The turn buckle 16mm price is, of course, higher than the smaller ones.

Aside from being available in many sizes, turnbuckles also come in several types.

1.Jaw and Jaw

Jaw and jaw turnbuckles have a jaw on each end.

They are ideal for attaching links, eye bolts, or other closed connections, on both ends.

The jaw and jaw turn buckle price Philippines is generally slightly higher than a particular turnbuckle type.

Jaw and Jaw

2.Eye and Jaw

Eye and Jaw

Eye and jaw turnbuckles have an eye on one end and a jaw on the other end.

You can use them to connect a quick link or shackle at one end and a closed connection on the other end.

3.Eye and Eye

Eye and Eye

This type of turnbuckle has an eye on each end. Therefore, they are ideal for attaching a quick link or shackle on both ends.

4.Hook and Hook

Hook and Hook

Hook and hook turnbuckles come with a hook on either end. The hooks are for creating temporary connections to securement points.

The hook and hook turn buckle price Philippines is typically more affordable than the jaw and jaw turnbuckle price

5.Hook and Eye

Hook and Eye

This type of turnbuckle has a hook on one end and an eye on the other end.

Hook and eye turnbuckles are great for creating a temporary connection on one end and attaching to a shackle or quick link on the other end.

Parts of a Turn Buckle

A turnbuckle has several parts.

  1. Body: It is the metal frame that connects the two threaded end fittings.
  2. Nut: The function of nuts is to prevent the turnbuckle from loosening or unthreading. Manufacturers generally tighten the nut against the body or place a nut on the threads of the end fittings.
  3. End Fittings: They are connection points on the end of the turnbuckle body. End fittings come in three types, i.e., jaw, eye, and hook.
  4. Thread Diameter: It shows the measurement of the threaded portion of the end fittings. A turnbuckle with a large thread diameter has a bigger load-bearing capacity.
  5. Take-Up Length: Take-up length is the entire length that the jaw, eye, or hook can screw out or into the body to take up tension.

How to Install Turn Buckles

You can install turn buckles by following the steps below.

  • Remove the fittings, i.e., eye, hook, or jaw until they fully extend to the total take-up length.
  • Connect them to the securement points.
  • Spin the device to position the fittings closer together till you attain the rope/cable tension you want.
  • Tighten the nuts.

Turn Buckle Price Philippines

The turn buckle price in the Philippines starts from over ₱300 to over ₱1,000.

This price mostly depends on the turnbuckle sizes, types, and materials. Below is the turn buckle price Philippines list.

Turnbuckle ProductSize Price
Carbon Steel Turnbuckle ¾ Hook and Eye¾ inches (18 mm)₱1,775
Carbon Steel Hook and Eye12 mm₱560
16 mm₱975
Galvanized Iron Turnbuckle 5/16 Hook and Eye5/16 inches (8 mm)₱825
Galvanized Iron Turnbuckle Hook and Eye12 mm₱899
6 mm₱800
Stainless Steel Turnbuckle Jack (Jaw and Jaw)5 mm₱900
8 mm₱1,100
10 mm₱1,400
Stainless Steel Turnbuckle Eye and Eye12 mm₱900
Turnbuckle Eye and Jaw 10 mm₱300
12 mm₱380
16 mm₱800
Turnbuckle Hook and Hook12 mm₱1,200

Turnbuckles are versatile devices. You can usually find turnbuckle applications on ships, boxing rings, and various constructions.

In addition, the turn buckle price Philippines is fairly affordable. The most affordable one cost around ₱300 before discounts. 

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