Water Proofing Paint Price

Water proofing paint price Philippines start from ₱ 133 – ₱ 1,444. The water proofing paint price is expensive, yet it has many advantages to consider.

Check the reason why this paint is superior for your buildings here.

Advantages of Water Proofing Paint

  • It is easy to clean

The most important part of using water proofing paint is the paint is easy to clean. Dirty spots are difficult to avoid because of the high traffic.

Water proofing paint price is quite expensive because the main purpose is to be cleaned easily.

You don’t need much effort to clean the paint. For example the Boyen waterproofing paint, you can bring soapy water and a cloth to wipe the dirty spots.

Once the dirty spots have vanished, the surface looks like a new surface. It doesn’t have a bad effect on the paint color as well.

  • Mold preventive

Mold and mildew are the biggest enemies that will decrease the quality of the material.

Using waterproofing paint can be a mold preventive action and it is such a big investment.

The mold will not stay on the surface because the main material itself is already toxic for them.

For homeowners, this is a cost-effective choice.

Even though the water proofing paint price is more expensive than other types of paints, you don’t need much effort to clean them or repaint the surface.

The mold will not stay after you wipe the surface with a cleaning agent.

  • High durability

This is the biggest advantage of using waterproofing paint. For example, Boysen paint colors for concrete wall can protect the wall for a long time and prevent mold and mildew for a long time.

The color of the paint does not easily vanish because of the weather.

Even though the water proofing paint price is expensive, durability is the main reason why this is a good option to cut the cost.

Waterproofing paint that is not exposed directly to the weather will stay for about ten or more years with the same colors.

  • Color range

The good thing about waterproofing paint is also the color range.

Though the main purpose is protection and basement paint, the color is not only plainly white.

There are many colors that will fit the mood of your exterior and interior theme.

Types of Water Proofing Paint

1. Acrolein elasticized paint

Even though acrolein itself is a toxic material, it is a good one to create high-durability paint.

However, you should combine the paint with acrylic paint to create this magic and lessen the toxicity in the paint. Now only waterproof, the paint will be anti-mold, anti-mildew, and prevent bacteria.

This water proofing paint price is quite expensive. You should properly learn the procedure of how to apply this paint.

However, it will not be harmful as long as you know the safety rules. The combination with acrylic paint also needs the knowledge to create proper color and waterproofing.

2. Masonry Paint

Masonry paint is paint that is made from ceramic material. This is a highly water-proofing paint that is very reliable to prevent mildew.

It is also water resistant. So, the paint is recommended to be used as exterior paint and plexibond waterproofing purpose.

Usually, this waterproof paint is directly put on the brick or concrete for exterior paint purposes.

When the material is dirty, you can easily clean the spots using water and soap.

The water proofing paint price for this category is expensive in the market, but it improves efficiency.

3. Epoxy paint

Epoxy paint is paint from plastic resin. This material is durable and reliable for a very long time.

Usually, a lot of homeowners use epoxy paint to paint their exterior, garage, concrete, and the surface that will be affected by the weather.

Water proofing paint price is way affordable.

Water Proofing Paint Price Philippines

The water proofing paint price in the Philippines depends on the brand and also the purpose of the paint.

The sellers in many areas might sell the price differently.

However, the price will be competitive since it is highly needed. Here is the price list.

Brand of The Waterproofing PaintPrice
Bossny Acrylic B263 4L₱ 1444
Eelhoe waterproof coating 300g₱ 133
Super Thoroseal ₱ 797
Ronka 1000g 1kg₱ 368
Thoro Waterplug 1 kg₱ 465

Is Water Proofing Paint Effective?

Using waterproofing paint for wood and other concrete is very effective to prevent mold and mildew because the material agents in it will fight against them.

It is reliable for about 5 years ahead after you apply the water proofing paint.

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