Welding Rod Price List

Welding rod price is cheap, especially 6013 but do you know how to use it? Here are some explanations about 6 welding rods and their application in projects.

Welding electrodes or welding rod is a choice that a lot of contractors choose as the substitute for wires.

Even though welding rods are part of a big construction project, it is also gaining interest for the DIY enthusiast to pour their creativity since welding rod price is also very affordable.

What is Welding Rod

It’s very important to know more about welding rods, especially to work in the welding industry. There are 6 welding rods that you have to differentiate.

A welding rod is an electrode that isn’t bare. It’s safe to use because it’s not decreasing the voltage like the bare rods.

Some contractors call it a metallic rod because it’s from metal material. The metal has melted and then it creates a strong bond.

Knowing the rods is important that you’ll know which one to pick to make a strong or weak bond since the application of stainless welding rod will be different.

Type of Welding Rod

1. 6010 Welding Rod

These are the most popular electrodes among all welding rods. The purpose of the 6060 welding rod price Philippines is to deliver high power densities, up to an MW per centimeter square.

Usually, the construction that needs 6010 is steel storage tanks, water towers, and pipe welding.

Another application that uses a 6010 welding rod is shipyards. Shipyards need a deep penetration and 6010 will do it very well, better than other electrodes.

2. 6011 Welding Rod

It’s well-known as an alternative electrode. The main function of 6011 is to penetrate deeply with a great force up to 60.000 psi.

It’s very convenient to use. If you need thicker material, this 6011 welding material works best among other welding rods.

The application for 6010 is only direct current or alternating. Some contractors don’t use 6011 a lot even though it’s convenient because the material is too thick.

3. 6012 Welding Rod

The characteristic of this welding rod price is bridging which delivers an excellent level.

Applications such as sub-par fit-up will need this electrode. Providing a stable arc is its main advantage. The electrode is compatible with DC and AC power sources.

A lot of projects can use 6012 welding rods. The main function is very general. It’s for low, moderate to deep penetration, 6012 will deliver better than the ones for direct current only.

4. 6013 Welding Rod

For moderate penetration, 6013 is the best option. It’s a soft arc and there is little slatter and removable slag.

For direct currents and alternating, this electrode is quite excellent because of its smooth arc and stable arc. For a medium footprint project, 6013 is the best consideration.

5. 7018 Welding Rod

This electrode is easy to find because it’s very versatile for most functions. Usually, the moderate need will use a 7018 alumunium welding rod.

The level of psi is up to 70.000 which is stronger than other welds. This type will protect the beads from air and moisture contamination.

A project that uses 7018 welding rod sizes is carbon steel welding. The project is very moderate, yet needs about more than 50,000 psi.

The carbon welding project also needs a protection layer, so there’s no contamination of the carbon steel.

6. 7024 Welding Rod

This electrode is unique because it has a lot of iron powder content. The welding rod will help you to create welding easier and faster.

Usually, the constructor will use this welding rod for horizontal welds or high-speed flat welds. The finish is quite smooth as well.

Welding Rod Price List

Welding Rod Product


Manooby 50pcs aluminum welding rod₱ 62
Wipweld 6012 1/8”₱ 287
Golden bridge 6013₱ 205
NSS 308 1.6mm 20pcs₱ 139
Hero welding rod E6013₱ 205

Welding rode price is affordable and most brands sell it in kilograms or 20-100 pcs. The electrodes work well if you place the welding rod properly.

However, you might find a lot of 6013 products than the others since it’s the general-purpose welding rod.