Wide Flange Price Philippines

Constructing commercial buildings, homes, bridges, and other structures requires many construction materials, including the wide flange beam.

This construction material plays an essential role in building construction. And since it is metal, the wide flange price Philippines is not affordable.

Wide flange beams are available in different qualities and various sizes. These different wide flange specs are suitable for specific construction projects.

Therefore, you must ensure that you buy the right wide flange beams for your construction projects.

What is Wide Flange

Wide flange beams are a construction material made of steel or aluminum, with a profile similar to an ‘H’ or ‘I.’ The parallel units on these beams are flanges.

Moreover, the central bar that connects the parallel units is the web. 

The flanges of the wide flange beams are wider than those in standard beams. They are as wide as the web. Below are several things you must know about wide flange beams.

  • Wide Flange Properties and Specs: Wide flange beams in different sizes have different specs and properties. The properties and specs cover many measurements, such as a moment of inertia, elastic session modulus, flange thickness, and web thickness.
  • Size Code: Many wide flange manufacturers mark this metal beam in a particular code, such as W14 x 22, to indicate the wide flange size. That code means the web depth is 14 inches; the weight is 22 pounds/foot.
  • Another Size Code: Other manufacturers or sellers mark the size differently. For example, the size code 6 x 4 16# means the depth is 6 inches, the flange width is 4 inches, and the weight is 16 pounds. The bigger the number, the higher the wide flange price Philippines. 
  • Quality Standards: Wide flange manufacturers make wide flange beams with particular specifications based on an international regulator. In indicating the specs and quality, they use certain codes, such as ASTM A36 and ASTM A572. 

Uses of Wide Flange

Wide flange beams are ideal for a wide array of applications. Some of them are as follows.

  1. Retention Walls 

These beams are ideal for a stabilization element of walls in an underground structure or a basement, in walls for the retention of earth, and sound barriers along highways.

  1. Structural Foundation

Wide flange beams are essential parts of a structural foundation that supports and stabilizes structures, such as commercial buildings, homes, highway ramps, and bridges. 

  1. Falsework

Falsework (temporary support work) is an application for various structures, such as bridges.

The purpose of building this temporary structure is for giving support in the construction of perpetual structures. It consists of H-pile beams, wide flange beams, and other steel materials.

  1. Other Applications

It is the US standard to use wide flange beams for creating columns in commercial and residential buildings. Some builders use these beams in floor and roof structures by placing them horizontally.

Wide Flange Price List

The wide flange price Philippines is increasing each year. This year, the estimated wide flange prices are as follows.

Wide Flange Beam DimensionsLengthSpecsWide Flange Price Philippines
6 x 4 x 9#

6 m
W:150 mmF: 100 mm₱5,300
6 x 4 x 12#W:153 mmF: 102 mm₱8,700
6 x 4 x 16#W:160 mmF: 102 mm₱10,450
8 x 6.5 x 21#W:210 mmF: 157 mm₱12,450
8 x 6.5 x 24#W:201 mmF: 165 mm₱11,600
6 x 6 x 25#W:162 mmF: 154mm₱12,640
8 x 6.5 x 28#W:205 mmF: 166mm₱13,300
8 x 6.5 x 28#12 mW:205 mmF: 166mm₱26,500
8 x 8 x 31#6 mW:203 mmF: 203 mm₱14,650
8 x 8 x 40#W:210 mmF: 205 mm₱20,100
8 x 8 x 48#W:205 mmF: 166 mm₱28,500

Advantage of a Wide Flange

Many Philippine builders use wide flange beams in their constructions because they offer some advantages.

  • Weight Support: Wide flange beams allow builders to evenly distribute a construction load over a wide area. Therefore, these beams can support a larger structure with a low risk of failure.
  • Efficient Support: Wide flange beams are efficient supports. They are lighter than square beams of the same size. However, they can support a larger load.
  • Standardized Size: These beams come in standardized sizes. Therefore, architects and builders can easily decide on which wide flange beam size is adequate to support their construction.

Wide Flange vs I Beam

Wide flange beams and I beams have a similar profile. However, both of them are different.

As its name suggests, wide flange beams have wide flanges. Their flanges are wider than the flanges of I beams.

Therefore, wide flange beams can carry more weight compared to I beams. Moreover, the flanges of an I beam are tapered, but the wide flange beam’s flanges are parallel. In addition, I beams are lighter in weight.

Therefore, it is not too common for builders to use the I-beam.


What is the most common flange size?

One of the most common flange sizes is 6 x 4.

What happens if your flange is too big?

It is okay to have larger wide flange beams than your construction needs. However, it is not cost-effective.

Wide flange beams provide ideal supports for various structures. Therefore, this material is essential in construction buildings.

Consequently, you must prepare a wide flange budget when working on a construction project. Wide flange price Philippines varies widely according to size and quality.

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