Wood Pallet Price & Size Philippines

Curious about the wood pallet price Philippines ? You’ve into the right place!

Wood pallets are essential for shipping, storing, and transporting goods.

When it comes to their price, it can vary depending on factors such as the size, condition, and quantity.

On average, you can find wood pallets starting from around ₱190 per piece.

In this article, we will explore the different types of wood pallets available and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of their prices.

Whether you need pallets for industrial or DIY purposes, discover the perfect wood pallet option within your budget.

What Wood Are Pallets Made From

The wood pallet is a type of packaging that has a flat structure. It has an essential role in the development of logistics due to the efficiency it offers.

The main usage of the wood pallet is as a base for storing, stacking, and transporting goods in a single unit load.

You can purchase wood pallets from various sellers in the Philippines. The wood pallet price Philippines starts from ₱190.

However, you can get wood pallets at a lower price from those who offer a wood pallet for sale campaign.

Some pallets are only for single use. However, others are reusable.

Due to these differences, manufacturers create wood pallets from various materials. Therefore, they can meet their customer’s needs.

Some materials often used for making wood pallets are as follows.


Pallets made of plywood are lightweight but quite strong. In addition, they have a smooth and clean surface.

Plywood pallets are ideal for layer stacking and rack stocking.


Lumber or wood is the most common material used to make wood pallets.

The wood used in making pallets can be pine wood or oak wood.

Lumber pallets offer many advantages because they are strong, durable, and easy to recycle, repair, and resold.

Moreover, the wood pallet price Philippines is less expensive.

3.Wood Composites

Pallets made of wood composites are strong and durable. They also absorb less moisture and require low-cost maintenance.

They are an ideal shipping package for the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, food, and beverage industry.

What is the Standard Pallet Size in the Philippines?

Wood pallet manufacturers in the Philippines make pallets based on standardized sizes.

They do it because warehouses only receive pallets of particular sizes and materials.

Most manufacturers make pallets with a dimension of 1100 x 1200 cm. This dimension is a standard pallet size in the Philippines. 

In addition, other manufacturers in this area also sell wood pallets in 1100 x 1100 cm dimensions and 1067 x 1067 cm dimensions.

They offer these pallets sizes because many warehouses in the Philippines and Asia, in general, recognize these sizes.

Aside from being available in several standard sizes, wood pallets also come with different load capacities.

The dynamic load capacity of wood pallets can be as light as 750 kg and as heavy as 1,500 kg.

The heavier the load capacity, the higher the wood pallet price Philippines is.

How Much are Wood Pallets in Philippines

The wood pallet price Philippines does not only depend on load capacities but also depends on other factors.

Some of them are the materials, locations, and pallet conditions. Consequently, the price used wood pallet Cebu may be more affordable than that in Manila. 

Below are wood pallet prices in the Philippines.

Wood Pallet Size Price
Used Plywood Pallet in Ugong, Valenzuela1000 x 1000 x 12 mm₱190
New Wooden Pallet1000 x 1200 mm, capacity: 1 ton (dynamic), 3 ton (static)₱555
Used Wood Pallet1000 x 1200 mm₱200
New Wood Pallet in Metro Manila₱220

Prices of wood pallet products.

  1. New bed wood pallet price Philippines starts from ₱1,200
  2. Pallet China wood chair prices range from ₱1,040
  3. Wood pallet recycling prices start from ₱334

Where to Buy Wood Pallets Near Me

Where can you buy wood pallets?

You can buy wooden pallets from many sellers or suppliers in various cities in the Philippines.

Some of them are as follows.

  1. Laguna Southwoods Products Inc. in Makati, Philippines, and in Sto. Thomas, Batangas, Philippines. This supplier offers local wood pallets in a dimension of 1000 x 1200 mm.
  2. ECR Pallet of TAWI Group of Companies in Cabuyao City, Laguna, Philippines. It sells wood pallets with a capacity of 1,500 kg (dynamic) or 4,000 kg (static).
  3. Seojjr Enterprises in Manila, Ncr, Philippine. This supplier does not only offer wood pallets but also plastic pallets and crates.

Wood pallets are excellent packaging. They make the logistic process more efficient.

In addition, the wood pallet price Philippines is affordable, especially if you purchase used ones. Moreover, they are reusable, easy to repair, and recyclable.

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