C Purlins Price List and Sizes Philippines

C purlins are an important part of a roofing structure. Here, we explain what C purlins are, C purlins price in philppines with C purlins sizes, and the advantages.

Metal purlins are without a doubt an important element required to provide a roofing structure proper support.

There are two types of purlins: Z purlins and C purlins. We will cover the latter. Below, we explain what C purlins are, C purlins price, and the advantage of C purlins.

What is C Purlins?

The term C purlin refers to a C-shaped horizontal bar or beam used to provide support in a roofing structure. Besides providing support, C purlins also contribute to the building’s stability and resistance to heavy winds.

C purlins are one of two types of purlins. The other type is Z purlins. Although the two are different, they both are important components of metal buildings.

C purlins are mainly used to support floors and walls. They are suitably for long-term and heavy-duty use, including residential, agricultural, as well as industrial applications. When it comes to sizes, C purlins vary a lot.

In the Philippines, C purlins price can range from as cheap as ₱315.00 to as expensive as over ₱1,484.00. The price is determined by many factors. One of them is the size or dimension of the purlin.

C Purlins Price List

The following are C purlins sizes and prices Philippines. Note that the C purlins price Philippines is in the Philippine peso.

SizeThicknessLengthPrice per unit (in ₱)
75 mm x 50 mm0.7 mm6 meters315.00
100 mm x 50 mm0.7 mm6 meters360.00
150 mm x 50 mm0.9 mm6 meters545.00
75 mm x 50 mm1.0 mm6 meters410.00
100 mm x 50 mm1.0 mm6 meters472.00
150 mm x 50 mm1.0 mm6 meters583.00
75 mm x 50 mm1.2 mm6 meters500.00
100 mm x 50 mm1.2 mm6 meters572.00
150 mm x 50 mm1.2 mm6 meters712.00
2 inches x 3 inches1.2 mm6 meters448.00
1.5 mm6 meters574.00
2.0 mm6 meters1,027.00
2 inches x 4 inches1.2 mm6 meters508.00
1.5 mm6 meters655.00
2.0 mm6 meters1,176.00
2 inches x 6 inches1.2 mm6 meters641.00
1.5 mm6 meters821.00
2.0 mm6 meters1,484.00
2 inches x 7 inches1.2 mm6 meters735.00
1.5 mm6 meters935.00
2.0 mm6 meters1,633.00

Advantage of C Purlins

C purlins offer a lot of advantages, which include

  • High tensile strength and durability

C purlins are designed to have high tensile strength. In addition, they are also very durable, weather-, wind-, abrasion-, and corrosion-resistant.

  • Easy installation

One of the things that make C purlins a solid option is a fact that it is easy to install. C purlins are lightweight and compact, which allows for quick construction.

  • Cost-effective

C purlins’ weight also brings another advantage: they are cost-effective. Since C purlins are light, low and transportation costs are low. Overall construction costs are reduced, too.

  • Low maintenance

C purlins are made of steel. Not only that but they are also galvanized. As a result, C purlins require low maintenance.

  • Customization

C purlins sizes vary, and so are their sizes, dimensions, shapes, and straightness. For example, C purlins 2×3 is a single size of C purlins, but it comes in 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, and 2.0 mm thicknesses.

Moreover, there are also custom-made C purlins. That means you will be able to find the best C purlins that suit your needs with no difficulty.

C purlins are an important element of a roofing structure. They not only provide support but also add contribute to the building’s stability and improve its resistance to heavy winds. C purlins are available in a wide range of varieties. C purlins price varies, ranging from ₱315.00 to ₱1,633.00.