Chopping Board Price Philippines

Chopping Board Price Philippines – Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen essentials?

One of the most important tools in every home cook’s arsenal is a chopping board. With the wide variety of chopping boards available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your needs.

From plastic to bamboo to wooden, each type of chopping board has its unique features and benefits.

In this article, we’ll explore the different types of chopping boards, their specifications, and prices to help you find the perfect one for your kitchen.

So, let’s get chopping!

Types of Chopping Boards

Stores are providing different types of chopping boards with different ranges of chopping board price Philippines.

Below are some types of the most famous chopping boards you can find easily in any store.

1.Wooden cutting board

This is the most famous option and is considered the most timeless cutting board.

Wooden cutting board has a classic look and with the best maintenance, this cutting board will stay in your kitchen for years. Various ranges of wooden chopping board price Philippines are available.

People love wooden cutting board because it is durable, long-lasting, can be restored and resurfaced, and has antibacterial properties.

But you can only wash this chopping board by hand. Wooden cutting boards are also heavy, not temperature-resistant, and will warp with moisture.

2.Plastic cutting board

Another option you need to know before checking the latest chopping board price Philippines is plastic cutting boards.

This is the more affordable option compared to the previous one. Plastic cutting boards also come in various colors you can match to your kitchen theme.

Many people love plastic cutting boards because of the affordable price and because they can wash them in the dishwasher.

Plastic cutting boards are also lightweight. But these cutting boards won’t allow you to resurface them so that everyone can see the scars on the surface.

3.Marble cutting board

This cutting board is durable and aesthetic. It also has a hygienic surface that will keep your foods safe.

Cleaning marble cutting boards is very easy and you don’t have to resurface them. Marble cutting boards are also temperature-resistant and non-absorbent.

However, marble cutting boards are expensive and heavy. Those cutting boards can chip or crack, have a slippery surface for cutting, and will damage the blades of your knives.

You need to provide regular maintenance to keep a marble cutting board long-lasting.

4.Bamboo cutting board

Another option to consider when checking the chopping board price Philippines is a bamboo cutting board which is a traditional option.

This cutting board is durable and lightweight. It has a uniform grain and will not crack easily. Compared to the first type above, this one is less porous.

Just like marble cutting boards, bamboo cutting boards also require frequent maintenance.

The price of this cutting board is higher than the price of wooden cutting boards. You may have to resurface this kind of cutting board eventually to keep the gorgeous look.

5.Glass cutting board

This chopping board Philippines price is cheaper than any other types above and it doesn’t need the same maintenance.

Also, glass cutting boards are very easy to clean and nonporous. It is eco-friendly, heat-resistant, hygienic, dishwasher safe, and non-absorbent, and it doesn’t need resurfacing.

But, glass cutting boards are easy to break and can be very noisy. They also have a slippery surface for cutting and require stability. These cutting boards will also dull and chip the blades of your knives.

Chopping Board Spec and Price

Once you know the different types, it is time to learn about the chopping board price Philippines. Every type of chopping board has different price ranges.

MaterialSizeChopping board price in the Philippines
Solid Wood45x28cm₱590
Plastic28x36cm₱110/2 pieces
22x16cm₱250/3 pieces

The prices above are for cutting boards from different brands. The more famous the brand, the pricier the chopping board will be.

Also, the material and size you choose for the cutting boards will also affect the price you should pay.

When choosing the best chopping board, make sure that you check the available materials and compare them with the latest chopping board price Philippines.

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