Concrate Culvert Pipe Price Philippines

Concrete Culvert Pipe Price Philippines – If you’re in the market for a durable and reliable drainage solution, concrete culvert pipes may be just what you need.

These pipes are designed to withstand heavy loads and extreme weather conditions, making them ideal for use in infrastructure projects, agricultural applications, and more.

But with different types and sizes of concrete culvert pipe price available, how do you choose the right one for your needs?

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the different types of concrete culvert pipes, their sizes, and their corresponding prices in the Philippines.

Whether you’re a contractor or a DIY enthusiast, you’ll find all the information you need to make an informed decision. Let’s dive in!

Types of Concrete Culvert Pipe

Culverts are tunnels that carry a stream under the railway or road. They can act as the bridge so that the traffic can pass on them.

Concrete culvert pipe price Philippines are usually found in the natural water flow and act as the bridge or controller for current flow. Below are some types of culvert pipes.

1.Round concrete culvert pipe

Metal Culvert Pipe 1 image

This one is the very common type and it offers very easy installation and a competitive price.

On smaller scales, culvert pipes look like normal concrete pipes. Round culvert pipes have many advantages. First of all, you can construct it with any strength you desire.

Those concrete culvert pipe prices are economical and will withhold compressive stresses and tensile stresses.

The crossing of water will be under the structure. However, round culvert pipes may be corroded easily at their crown because of the organic matter of bacteria and the harmful gas release.

2.Arch concrete culvert pipe

Arch Culvert Pipe image

Arch concrete culvert pipe prices Philippines is ideal for big waterway opening so that fishes can get a better hydraulic advantage.

Also, the shape of this culvert pipe is providing low clearance and an artistic look. Arch culvert pipes are useful for sites with limited headroom.

Some features of arch culvert pipes include limited headroom condition, a low flow with improved hydraulic capacity, aesthetic look and shape, ease of installation, and also lightweight.

3.Box concrete culverts

Box Culvert Pipe image

Box culvert price Philippines is made of concrete, especially reinforced concrete.

Constructing this kind of culvert is challenging, especially when you need to install it on a dry surface.

But because of the concrete floor’s strength, you can change the water direction when there is a huge amount of water.

Box culverts are also economical because they have rigid frame structures and are super simple in construction.

Also, box culverts are ideal for non-perennial streams with weak soil and not significant scrub depth. The box culvert’s bottom slab reduces pressure on the ground or soil.

4.Bridge concrete culverts pipe

Bridge culverts have two different purposes: as a culvert and as a bridge. Usually, bridge culverts come in rectangular shapes and are constructed on canals and rivers.

Before placing the concrete culvert pipe prices Philippines, there should be a foundation under the level of the ground.

And then the pavement surface can be laid on the culvert’s series’ top. Usually, we call bridge culverts multi-purpose culverts.

Bridge culverts are very strong and they have a super strong foundation. The network’s extension can act as the repeater.

5.Metal box concrete culverts pipe

Bridge Culvert Pipe image

Another type of culvert pipe is a metal box culvert. It is made of a different material, like the standard structural plate.

The look of this culvert is like the previous one. Metal box culverts are durable, offer easy installation, and have shorter construction periods.

Concrete Culvert Pipe Price and Size

The 36 concrete culvert pipe prices are different from the other sizes’ prices. You need to know which culverts to use and then find the best ones at the best prices.

Here are some available culverts in various sizes and different classes, as well as the concrete culvert pipe prices Philippines.

Concrete Culvert Pipe SizesConcrete Culvert Pipe Price
In millimetersIn inchesClass IIClass IV

Concrete Culvert pipes in different cities may have different prices as well. Check the concrete culvert pipe prices Philippines in your own city.

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