Epoxy Primer Price Philippines

Epoxy primer price Philippines offers various options to meet everyone’s budget who need epoxy primer paint for extra protection of particular surface materials.

Before spending money on epoxy primer price Philippines, you must know about this product. One of the places where you can discover a lot of epoxy primers is auto shops.

Playing a crucial role in car appearance, of course, auto shops provide various types of epoxy primers with different functions.

Buying the most suitable epoxy primer paint can be daunting with so many options available in the market. You must buy the product to meet your painting job needs.

However, you do not need to worry because you can start reading this guide to be easier to buy the best epoxy primer to use.

What is Epoxy Primer?

Epoxy primer is a sealant product creating an excellent surface finish when applies above the coats.

Epoxy is a term that defines epoxy resins that emerge right after the curing process.

Curing is a chemical process when material becomes harder due to exposure to heat, air, or chemical additives. 

Curing happens by adding epoxy primer with catalyst because it surges the chemical reaction rate.

This process produces cross-linkage that contributes to adding strength and rigidity to the epoxy materials.

You must ensure that the surface is super clean and dry before the application of an epoxy primer product.

The paint application on automobiles aims to protect them from corrosion so that they do not rust quickly.

Coating the car with epoxy acts as a primer to develop an adhesion process on the metal surface. To meet this need, epoxy primer for metal exists in the market.

Epoxy Primer Uses

This product has a variety of uses but mainly it acts as a sealant on particular surfaces such as car skin, walls, and cement floors.

It protects the primer before you start applying the paint. For outdoor use, it protects the wall from weather, rain, and sun exposure.

It has binding properties such as in concrete epoxy primer that bind the concrete surface and paint’s topcoat.

It serves as a good base for paint and additional undercoat products. Another application is to create a coating on containers and metal cans, especially in acidic products.

Benefit of Epoxy Primer

Aside from epoxy primer price Philippines, consider this product’s benefits before buying.

1. Protect from rust and corrosion

The primary function of the epoxy primer is to protect the material from corrosion and rust. An epoxy primer containing zinc phosphate works well to inhibit the corrosion process.

This content affects epoxy primer price Philippines. The paint content is dominantly a pigment.

Meanwhile, a primer dominantly contains binding properties to prevent oxygen from causing corrosion. It also acts as a waterproof layer, giving protection from bare metal from oxidation.

2. Provide sealing for bare metal

The properties of epoxy primer provide the best sealant for bare metal. It inhibits moisture from coming in and triggers corrosion. 

By not letting the oxygen in, epoxy primer ensures there is no rust forming on its outer part.

It does not trap moisture like many primers, making epoxy primer price Philippines worth the quality.

3. Applicable to various materials

Epoxy primer has many qualities such as providing strong adhesion, excellent mechanical ability, being chemical-resistant in humid environments, and applying to numerous materials.

It is easy to find an epoxy primer for wood and other materials such as aluminum, asphalt, concrete, and steel.

Types of Epoxy Primer

Two types of epoxy primers are the most popular in the market.

1. One Part Epoxy Primer

One Part Epoxy Primer

One part type offers to seal the topcoats with a smooth finish look. It usually serves as a base coat for bare metal and produces a non-porous layer. This type is ideal for bare metal protection. 

One part epoxy primer spray can fix minor flaws to achieve a flat surface. Besides, it can be either the final sealant or a starter coat.

You can apply this type to other materials such as black iron, plastic, and fiberglass.

2. Two-Part Epoxy Primer

Two-Part Epoxy Primer

Two type means this epoxy primer contains two components; the sealer and zinc phosphate.

The presence of zinc phosphate in this sealer works by inhibiting the corrosion process. People often use this type together with epoxy primer thinner for better results.

The most popular applications are concrete and steel. However, you can find its uses in industries such as power plants, marine equipment, and tank exteriors.

3. Epoxy Primer Color

Epoxy Primer Color

Epoxy primer acts as a sealer that binds particular surfaces like concrete or steel with paint. Hence, the color option is epoxy primer white.

There are also other options but they are likely in a neutral tone such as black epoxy primer or epoxy primer gray.

Epoxy Primer Price List

There are two categories of epoxy primer that you can consider. First, most epoxy primers cost $10 to $50.

They usually come with sealers and have small in size. Second, the type that costs $50 to $100 and usually has higher quality. 

However, here is the price of epoxy primer in the Philippines based on several brands.




Guilder epoxy primer1 L₱250
Boysen epoxy primer4 L₱1,200
Island epoxy primer1 L₱120


1. What thinner to use with epoxy primer?

You can combine thinner and epoxy primmer in the applications because it reduces the viscosity. There are two main options for a thinner mix. You can use it either with a two-part epoxy primer or an aluminum barrier coat.

Epoxy primer price Philippines comes in different categories based on the qualities, sizes, and brands.

Aside from those factors, you should know the application function to get the best epoxy primer.