Fiber Cement Board Price Philippines

The fiber cement board is different from the asbestos cement siding. Ficem boards are safer than asbestos.

Therefore, many people in the Philippines choose to use fiber cement boards over asbestos siding. In addition, the fiber cement board price Philippines ranges widely.

Consequently, most Filipinos can afford ficem boards. Installing fiber cement boards on your home exterior and interior will give you some benefits. However, before using these boards, you must be aware of their disadvantages too.

What is Fiber Cement Board

The fiber cement board is a composite material made of cellulose fiber, sand, water, and Portland cement.

This board is not a new invention. It was first available in Switzerland in 1903. Now, more than 100 years later, homeowners still love using this material.

They like it because fiber cement boards have a long service life. It is the cellulose fiber that makes this board durable and does not break easily.

Moreover, modern fiber cement boards are available in many choices of sizes, colors, and designs.

Some fiber cement board sidings have an appearance that looks like wood boards. They have beautiful wood grain patterns that look like real ones.

Fiber Cement Board Uses

You can use fiber cement boards for many applications, such as:

  • Cladding

Many people choose to use fiber cement boards for cladding. The attractive design of these boards will improve the look of a building. 

Fiber cement board products used for cladding are usually available in a plank format. They are available in various sizes with a thickness of around 8 mm.

It is quite thick so the cladding fiber cement board price Philippines is higher than the thinner fiber cement board price.

  • Ceiling

It is common for homeowners to choose fiber cement boards as their ceiling material. The ceiling fiber cement board is available in tile form and sheet form.

Moreover, this board offers different finishes.

  • Drywall

Fiber-cement-based drywall is a better option than gypsum drywall. The former can last longer and is resistant to moisture.

  • Cupboards

Some people use fiber cement boards to make kitchen cupboards. For this application, you need ficem board which is16-mm or 18-mm thick. 

The 16-mm fiber cement board price Philippines is, of course, expensive. However, it is worth the price because the cupboards are resistant to termites.

Gardner Fiber Cement Board

Using high-quality fiber cement boards is a must if you want to have long-lasting ceilings, claddings, and cupboards.

Here, in the Philippines, you can find several fiber cement board brands. One of the most recommended brands is Gardner Fiber Cement Board.

All the fiber cement board products from this brand are resistant to moisture and heat. Moreover, their dimensions are 1.2 x 2.4 m. Gardner offers two types of fiber cement boards, they are:

  • Gardner TPI Ceiling Fiber Cement Board

This ceiling board product has a flat and smooth surface. It is only available in an uncolored finish. However, Gardner offers it in four thickness choices, ranging from 3.5 mm to 6 mm.

  • Gardner TPI Wall Fiber Wall Cement Board

For wall partitions and cladding, Gardner offers textured boards and wall boards. The former is available in three finish choices, but only one thickness choice. Meanwhile, the latter is uncolored and smooth. It is available in 5 thickness choices ranging from 6 mm to 12 mm.

Fiber Cement Board Price List

Fiber cement board price Philippines ranges from slightly affordable to expensive. Below is the list of the ficem board prices in 2022.

ProductsSizeThickness Price
Grooved Fiber Cement Board1.2 x 2.4 m8 mm₱790

Hardiflex Fiber Cement Board

1.2 x 2.4 m
3.5 mm₱450
4.5 mm₱550
6 mm₱760
9 mm₱1,170
12 mm₱1,620
Wood-Pattern Fiber Cement Board for Cladding 2.4 m x 20 cm7.5 mm₱355
Textured and Colored Fiber Cement Board3 m x 20 cm7.6 mm₱260
Gardner Wall Fiber Cement Board1.2 x 2.4 m3.5 mm₱330
6 mm₱540
9 mm₱850
12 mm₱1,220
15 mm₱1770
Shera Fiber Cement Board1.2 x 2.4 m3.5 mm₱330
12 mm₱2,430

Pros and Cons Fiber Cement Board

Fiber cement boards are an excellent construction material. Using these boards will give you advantages, but it also has some drawbacks.


  • Non-Flammable: The composition of fiber cement boards is 90% non-flammable. Therefore, having this material as your ceiling, cladding, and cupboard will minimize the risk of fire hazards at home.
  • Resistant to Water: Fiber cement boards will not crumble easily even if you soak them in the water because it is resistant to water. Therefore, it is suitable for construction applications in wet areas.
  • Durable: Durability is one of the best traits of fiber cement boards. They can last for decades. A particular manufacturer even sells fiber cement boards that can last for 50 years.
  • Insect Resistant: Unlike wood boards, fiber cement boards are insect-resistant. Therefore, termites will not damage your fiber cement-based constructions.
  • Attractive Appearance: Many fiber cement boards have an attractive finish, such as wood grain patterns. Therefore, they can improve the look of your exterior and interior.


  • Heavy: Fiber cement boards are heavy. Therefore, you need adequate support or frame if you want to install them as ceiling or drywall.
  • Higher Cost: Installing fiber cement boards is more costly compared to installing vinyl siding. The weight of these boards requires greater manpower. Therefore, it needs higher labor costs. In addition, you will need a higher cost to have a strong support or frame for it.

Fiber cement boards are one of the most versatile construction materials available in the market. They offer many advantages. Moreover, fiber cement board price Philippines ranges widely from ₱260 to over ₱2,400. The more affordable ones are generally thinner and smaller. 

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