Glass Sheet Price Philippines

Glass sheet price Philippines can vary depending on the type of glass and size needed for your project.

There are several types of glass sheets available in the market such as float glass, toughened glass, acrylic glass, plastic glass, and laminated glass.

Each type has unique properties and uses, and their prices may vary accordingly. It is important to determine the right type of glass sheet for your project to ensure safety, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

Additionally, it is essential to consider the size of the glass sheet needed, as larger sizes may be more expensive. By checking the glass sheet price list, you can compare prices and choose the most suitable option for your needs.

Types of Glass Sheet

Various types of glass sheets have been used in construction. They have different purposes and will be perfect for construction projects.

There are also different ranges of glass sheet price Philippines, depending on the sizes and thicknesses.

Below are different types of glass sheets you better know.

1.Float glass

Float Glass Sheet image

A float glass sheet will be created when the maker is placing floating molten glass on the molten metal’s bed.

This method creates a sheet that has uniform thickness and super flat surface. Float glass has low thermal conductivity and expansion but it is a great electrical insulator.

Constructors use this glass type in various ranges of clear glass sheet price Philippines in residential architecture.

They are going to use the sheet to construct windows on a small scale. Float glasses have smooth and even surfaces and also sparkling transparency.

2.Toughened glass

Toughened glass Sheet image

Just like float glass sheets, the glass sheet price Philippines for toughened glass also varies, depending on the shape and size of the sheets.

The maker creates this sheet by using extreme heat to expose regular glass before cooling the glass rapidly.

The glass is going to be more resilient because of the excessive process of heating and cooling.

Unlike ordinary glass, this type of glass fractures into small-sized fragments of similar shape and size. But toughened glass has four to five times the strength of regular glass. 

3.Acrylic glass sheet price Philippines

Acrylic glass Sheet image

Another type of glass sheet you should know about is an acrylic glass sheet.

It is a stiff, strong, and clear plastic material that is easy to fabricate and will bond well with solvents and adhesives. It comes with excellent weathering properties, unlike many other plastics with a transparent look.

The lightweight, clarity, weather resistance, and impact resistance of acrylic glass sheets make it a more famous option for architectural applications.

You can use acrylic glass sheets for your windows and wall partitions. You can also use this material for canopies and lighting fixtures.

4.Plastic glass sheet price Philippines

Plastic Glass Sheet image

Plastic glass sheet comes in many different types. Acrylic is actually one of plastic glass sheets.

Another type is polyvinyl chloride or PVC. It is durable and inexpensive, an ideal material for construction projects. You can use PVC for door and window profiles, roof membranes, flooring, and so on.

Plastic sheets for building materials have many benefits. The affordable glass sheet price Philippines is one of them.

Also, plastic sheets are corrosion-resistant, rot-resistant, and lightweight with awesome strength. It is also easy to bend and extrude plastic materials. 

5.Laminated glass

Laminated Glass Sheet image

Finally, there is the laminated glass which comprises two ordinary glass sheets bonded with a PVB interlayer that is flexible.

The interlayer is going to create a uniform and strong bond with glass sheets. The laminated glass is shatterproof. When it breaks, it won’t shatter but stick to its frame.

Glass Sheet Size

Before checking glass sheet price Philippines, note that there are various sizes and thicknesses of glass sheets.

Glass typeThickness in mmSize in mm(width x height)
Clear Glass21849×1220
Tinted Glass55100×3210
Laminated Glass8.385100×3210

Glass Sheet Price List

Now, you’re ready to check out the latest glass sheet price Philippines and get the best one for your upcoming projects.

Glass typeGlass thickness in mmGlass price per square meter
Reflective tempered glass door8₱33,600
Frameless glass door12₱33,000
Clear tempered glass wall12₱6,700
High-impact clear acrylic sheet10₱7,950
Diffusion white acrylic sheet3₱2,625

Each store may offer a different price for the glass sheets you need to get. Check out the latest price list from the nearest store.

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