Manual Transfer Switch Price Philippines

Manual Transfer Switch Price Philippines – If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable way to switch between your main power supply and a backup generator during power outages, a manual transfer switch could be just what you need.

In the Philippines, you can find various types of manual transfer switches, including breaker type switches.

But what about their prices? Well, there’s good news! There are many options available in the market that won’t break the bank.

In this article, we’ll give you a manual transfer switch price list for the Philippines so you can choose the best option for your needs and budget.

Manual Transfer Switch Breaker Type

A transfer switch is a device that lets you have the safe disconnection and connection of various different electricity sources to the electric load.

Many businesses and homes have a standby generator to use in a power outage event. The manual transfer switch price Philippines comes in different types.

1.Utility to generator

This one is going to prevent electricity from traveling in the wrong direction, for example from the home generator into your power grid.

Utility workers can make sure that they are not going to get a shock from a random home generator when they work on the overhead lines.

Home generators are not the ones that need a transfer switch. Various types of industries, businesses, and also government services will rely on power generators as well and also need a transfer switch.

In different applications, there are specific requirements you need to cater during the transfer switch installation process.

2.Utility to Utility

Another manual transfer switch price Philippines to check is the price of the transfer switch that connects the utility to another utility.

You can use this kind of transfer switch when your facility has several utility service feeds.

This kind of transfer switch is used when you need to switch from one service to another. For example, when an industrial or commercial building has more than one electrical meter along with one electrical system.

The transfer switch allows you to switch from one meter to another and make sure that every tenant will be the only one responsible for the electrical consumption of their own.

3.Generator to generator

Now, you need to check the manual transfer switch price for the third type.

You need this type of transfer switch when you are in a location that has more than one power supply on the site. Usually, this transfer switch is necessary when your home has a generator and solar panels.

If you don’t electrically isolate the generator and solar panels, the AC inverter that is connected to your solar panels will try to feed the power to the generator and create a damaging and hazardous situation, both for the inverter and the generator.

A transfer switch will help you to switch power.

This way, you will be able to switch the power between the generator and solar panels.

And then both systems will be electrically separated and won’t cause any harm. That’s why you need to check the latest manual transfer switch price Philippines.

Manual Transfer Switch Price List Philippines

The price of a manual transfer switch will vary, depending on the ampere and the brand that offers the product.

Below is the average price list of manual transfer switch you can use as a reference.


You may also want to know the different ranges of manual transfer switch price Philippines from different brands.

Below are some details of different manual transfer switches from various brands.

Manual Transfer SwitchPrice
Meiji MTS with 3 Poles₱920
Meiji MTS with Home Panel₱1,826
Meiji MTS with 2 Poles₱620
Meiji MTS with 1 Pole and color-codedBetween ₱276 and ₱310
GE MTS 125A with 2 Poles₱35,716
GE MTS 125A with 3 Poles₱35,716
TOMZN 63A dual power MTS with 1 Pole₱532
TOMZN 63A dual power MTS with 2 Poles₱499

When choosing the right manual transfer switch, it is crucial to check not only the lowest manual transfer switch price Philippines but also the quality of the MTS.

Make sure that you use one with excellent quality for everyone’s safety.

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