Melamine Board Price

Melamine Board Price Philippines – Are you in search of melamine boards in the Philippines and curious about their pricing?

In this article we will explore the various uses of melamine boards, discuss their advantages and disadvantages, and provide insights into the typical prices you can expect to find in the Philippine market.

Uses of Melamine Board

What is melamine board used for? A lot of things.

Due to its durability board is often used in kitchen and bathroom cabinetry.

Melamine board works well for shelving, display counters, flooring, whiteboards, and office furniture.

Besides durability, melamine can also give an attractive and durable finish to lower-quality materials.

Unsurprisingly, it has become very popular as a building material. That’s not all. Melamine board offers a budget-friendly solution to solid wood as well.

Advantages of Melamine Board

Before deciding whether to use a melamine board or not, you should learn about its advantages first.

The three main advantages are toughness, excellent finishes, and inexpensive prices.

  • Tough

The board is very tough, scratch- and stain-resistant and waterproof. Not to mention cleaning is easy, too.

  • Excellent finish

Another advantage is its excellent finish. The board comes in a variety of grains and textures.

Plus, they are a practical choice for adding texture, color, as well as finishes.

  • Inexpensive

When it comes to melamine board price Philippines, you shouldn’t worry. One of the advantages of the board is its budget-friendliness.

Better still, even with such affordable prices, its toughness and quality aren’t sacrificed at all.

Disadvantages of Melamine Board

Previously we mentioned the advantage of melamine. What about the disadvantages?

Knowing the disadvantages can help you decide whether paying the melamine price board Philippines is worth the penny.

Firstly, while melamine board waterproof, water can penetrate its particle board and might cause it to warp.

Secondly, improper installation. Melamine is a quite sturdy material. If it isn’t installed properly, the particle board substrate can cause it to chip.

Thirdly, the edges of the melamine board are unfinished. This means edgebanding might be necessary.

Melamine Board Price Philippines

What about melamine board price Philippines? It turns out, the melamine board price varies. However, despite the variations, they are affordable.

So, regardless of your budget, you will find melamine boards with melamine board price Philippines that suit your budget.

How much melamine board in Philippines? Here’s a price list to give you an idea about the melamine board price.

NoItemSizePrice (in ₱)
1Westply White Melamine Board18 mm x 4 ft. x 8 ft.4,036
2Westply Melamine Board Wallis Plum18 mm x 4 ft. x 8 ft.2,431
3Westply Melamine Board Teak18 mm x 4 ft. x 8 ft.2,432
4Westply Melamine Board Beech18 mm x 4 ft. x 8 ft.2,434
5Kernig Laminated Melamine Board4 x 8 ft.3,634
6Melamine Laminated Plywood Warm White5 mm2,211
7Melamine Laminated Plywood Warm White11 mm3,761
8SW Melamine Board White Wash18 mm x 6 ft. x 8 ft.3,801
9SW Melamine Board Dark Grey18 mm x 6 ft. x 8 ft.3,749
10SW Melamine Board Beech18 mm x 6 ft. x 8 ft.4,132
11SW Melamine Board Shimo Ash18 mm x 6 ft. x 8 ft.4,438
12SW Melamine Board White Birch18 mm x 6 ft. x 8 ft.3,074


Melamine Laminated Board vs Plywood : Which one is the better option?

This depends on what you’re going to do with the boards.
Plywood boards are slightly stronger than melamine boards.

They are lighter as well.
The screw-holding strength of melamine and plywood is more or less equal, with plywood being a bit stronger. Despite being stronger, plywood dents and dings easily.

This is because plywood is made of real wood. Melamine is made of real wood as well, but it is more durable. What makes the two different is the glue holding them together.

Out of the two, melamine is more water resistant. You want to use melamine boards in an environment where the boards are exposed to water.

In addition, melamine is more aesthetically pleasing, too.  There are so many different color and finish options to choose from.

Plus, they are budget-friendly. Regardless of your budget, there will be a melamine board price Philippines that suits it.

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