Paint Thinner Price

Paint thinner price start from ₱ 48 – ₱ 400 . The price can go high or low depens several factors either types thinner you’re choose.

The paint thinner price at the market is the reason why many people use it for many uses.

Check the types and the uses of thinner available in the Philippines market.

Uses of Paint Thinner

  • Reducing viscosity

The viscosity level of each paint is different. This is why the thinner is important.

Besides the paint thinner price, different brands are a consideration as well to create the best result.

The suitable thinner will help the paint to be consistent after being mixed.

Most thinner with premium quality will give the best output, such as a smooth appearance.

Some others might show a glossy look, especially the oil-based paint.

Reducing the viscosity is one of the paint thinners used that needs a perfect ratio before application on the surface.

  • Get rid of the paint

Another purpose of using thinner is to get rid of the paint.

Thinner is still the best solution option because the paint thinner price is also cheap.

The thinner will remove the paint, but the surface material will stay at its quality.

It is easy to get rid of the paint since you only have to wipe the paint using a thinner cloth. If the paint is bold, you can use it more than twice.

Make sure the type of thinner is right.

  • Clean up material

The thinner can be used to clean up the tools and materials.

You only have to pour the thinners into a bowl, then soak the tool in it. The paint will dissolve in the thinner, and the tools clean. 

Types of Paint Thinner


Naphtha is the thinner that is likely for oil-based paints if you doubt choosing paint thinner vs lacquer thinner.

The main material of naphtha thinner is synthetic resin and petroleum, so it is not doing well if you combine it with water-based paints. It has a fast drying time.

The paint thinner price for this product is affordable.

2.Paint thinner

Paint thinner is the type that is used to thicken the paint, and most of them are oil-based paints.

This is the thinner that is also flexible because you can combine it with water-based paints.

The paint thinner is available in the market, and the paint thinner 1 liter price is cheap.

3.Lacquer thinner

The lacquer thinner has many materials compound in it, such as xylene, acetone, and butyl acetate.

This option is good to coat the surface and will give a smooth surface. However, the lacquer thinner is bad for wool because it can damage wool.


The alcohol thinner is not pure alcohol because it has been denatured. This thinner is for water-based paints, and the thinner paint price is cheap.

You can clean the surface of the objects before painting them using thinner paint.

5.Mineral spirits

This type of thinner is the best in the market since the paint thinner uses are very flexible.

It can clear the coats, and mix them with oil-based paints and a sealant.

However, you cannot mix this thinner with water-based paints because the paint won’t work well.

Paint Thinner Price in Philippines

The paint thinner price Philippines will depend on the brands and the purpose of mixing.

The volume of thinner available in the market is also different. Check the price list here to know more.

Paint Thinner BrandPrice
LUCKY generic paint thinner 1 gallon₱ 400
Puree thinner 350ml₱ 48
Puree lacquer thinner₱ 60
King thinner₱ 47
Breton thinner₱ 365
Citadel thinner₱ 395
Miracle thinner₱ 378

Dangers of Using Paint Thinner

Short-term use

For short-term use, you might feel dizziness and eye irritation.

The chemical material in the thinner emits the gas, yet it still depends on the severity of the exposure. The worker should wear a mask, gloves, and goggles if needed.

Long-term use

The workers might experience some health issues, such as respiratory system irritation. It is harmful if they use thinner all the time.

They must not sniff the thinner directly and should wear some safety outfit to protect themselves.

FAQs Paint Thinner

What Happens If I Don’t Use Paint Thinner?

Without thinner, the oil-based paint might look too bold for application. It might ruin the color and take too long to dry.

However, application for other types of paint might not need thinner. There are several health issues, such as dizziness and respiratory issues.

Can You Use Too Much Thinner?

You cannot use too much thinner, or the paint will look too thin.

The color will get affected the most. Drying time can be fast, but the result is not the same as you expected.

What Happens If I Use The Wrong Thinner?

The wrong thinner usage might bring a bad reaction to the paint.

You should consider the paint thinner price as well as the purpose of the combination before mixing the paint with the thinner.

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