PVC Pipe Price List and Size

PVC pipes are the most common pipes used in plumsbing nowadays. Here, we explain what PVC pipe is, the four types of PVC pipe, and the PVC pipe price in philippines.

PVC pipes are very common. You probably have encountered or used it at some point, especially if you do DIY projects.

But do you know that there are numerous types of PVC? And what exactly is PVC? Below, we explain what PVC is, the types of PVC pipes, and the PVC pipe price.

What is PVC Pipe

Polyvinyl Chloride pipes, more commonly known as PVC pipes, are the most common pipes used in plumbing today.

PVC pipes are used just about anywhere, from drinking water transportation, and agricultural irrigation, to sewage systems.

PVC pipes are known to be versatile, lightweight, durable, and affordable, which explains their widespread usage.

PVC pipes come in varying sizes. Also, while PVC pipes are often called plastic pipes, there are numerous types of them, which we explain in the next section.

Type of PVC Pipe

There are four types of PVC pipe: unplasticized PVC (PVC-U), chlorinated PVC (C-PVC), molecular-oriented PVC (PVC-O), and high-impact PVC (PVC-Hi). We explain each one below.

  • PVC-U

Unplasticized PVC or PVC-U is a PVC pipe created without a plasticizer, a substance that makes the pipe softer and flexible. Because PVC-U doesn’t contain a plasticizer, it is often called rigid PVC.

PVC-U is the most common type of PVC. PVC-U is affordable, light, durable, and easy to handle. PVC-U is often used for pipes and fittings, drinking water, soil, and waste transportation, sewage, and industrial drainage.

  • C-PVC

Chlorinated PVC or C-PVC, is a PVC pipe that has a high chlorine content. For the most part, C-PVC is the same as PVC-U. What makes it different is that it underwent a chlorination process.

As a result of the chlorination process, C-PVC is able to withstand a wider range of temperatures than other types of PVC. This unique property is the reason why it is commonly used in both residential and commercial constructions.

  • PVC-O

Molecularly-oriented PVC or PVC-O is the perfect blend of flexibility, stiffness, and strength.

When PVC-U undergoes the production process to make PVC-U, it is turned into a layered structure. As a result, the pipe is more resistant to corrosion.

PVC-O is used for pipes and fittings, irrigation pipes, sewer pumping mains, as well as sewer systems on unstable grounds.

  • PVC-Hi

High impact PVC or PVC-Hi, is the latest type of PVC. Manufacturers make PVC-Hi pipes by adding various chemicals into PVC, which results in higher resistance to impact.

PVC-Hi pipe is used mostly for natural gas transportation.

PVC Price List and Size in Philippines

PVC pipe price varies. Below is a PVC Pipe Price Philippines list.

PVC Pipe SizesUnitPrice (in ₱)
PVC Pipe (12.7 mm D)pc68.53
PVC Pipe (19.0 mm D)pc92.26
PVC Pipe (25.4 mm D)pc114.99
PVC Pipe (38.0 mm D)pc205.11
PVC Pipe (50.0 mm D)pc299.37
PVC Pipe (63.0 mm D)pc343.40
PVC Pipe (76.0 mm D)pc463.71
PVC Pipe (89.0 mm D)pc569.04
PVC Pipe (101.0 mm D)pc631.67
PVC Coupling (12.7 mm D)pc10.34
PVC Coupling (19.0 mm D)pc12.75
PVC Coupling (25.4 mm D)pc15.16
PVC Coupling (38.0 mm D)pc20.68
PVC Coupling (50.0 mm D)pc36.08
PVC Coupling (63.0 mm D)pc40.38
PVC Coupling (76.0 mm D)pc54.54
PVC Coupling (89.0 mm D)pc63.17
PVC Coupling (101.0 mm D)pc75.79
PVC Tee (12.7 mm D)pc12.64
PVC Tee (19.0 mm D)pc16.35
PVC Tee (25.4 mm D)pc21.30
PVC Tee (38.0 mm D)pc38.28
PVC Tee (50.0 mm D)pc49.14

PVC is versatile, lightweight, durable, and affordable. There are four types of PVC: PVC-U, C-PVC, PVC-O, and PVC-Hi. Of the four, PVC-U is the most commonly used.

You can find PVC-U pipes everywhere, be it in residential or industrial constructions. PVC pipe sizes vary, and so is the PVC pipe price.