Pylox Spray Paint Price

Are you looking for the price of Pylox spray paint price in the Philippines? Your search ends here!

Pylox spray paint offers a convenient and effective method to infuse your projects with vibrant hues.

The cost of Pylox spray paint in the Philippines may vary based on factors like can type and size.

On average, you can acquire Pylox spray paint starting from approximately ₱18 per can.

Within this article, we will delve into the assortment of Pylox spray paint options available and present you with a comprehensive pricing guide, enabling you to select the ideal choice for your creative ventures.

Unleash your artistic potential with Pylox spray paint!

Types of Pylox Spray Paint

1. Pylox Razer

This is the most popular among all Pylox spray paint colors all over the world, as well as in the Philippines.

It dries quickly because the base material is thermoplastic acrylic. For this reason, most users use this type to do DIY projects. It is ozone-friendly because CFC free.

Repairing spots using this spray paint is very helpful. Spraying the paint on the surface can work fast.

The Pylox spray paint price in the Philippines is also very affordable. It is a good option if you want a solid color. The finishing of Plylox Lazer is glossy.

2. Pylox Metallic Black

Pylox spray paint black is one in the list of metallic categories. It dries quickly, only after five minutes.

For re-coating, you can do it after the next ten minutes. Since this is metallic color, the finish you get after spraying the surface twice is glossy metallic.

However, this Pylox type contains stinky material that may ruin your experience while spraying it.

You had better use the spray paint in a good ventilation area.

Thus, this paint is specialized to spray on vehicles since it looks best on them than on home appliances.

3. Pylox Autolux

This Pylox spray paint for metal is also for vehicles. Autolux is specialized in automotive products because it is highly adhesive.

The finishing is glossy and it has weather resistant. The level of its heat resistance is up to 6000 Celsius.

The Pylox spray paint price for Autolux is more affordable than going to a workshop.

Besides metal material, Pylox spray paint for wood is possible However, it can be too expensive to paint the wood with this spray paint unless the wood is for furniture.

This type has the most colors such as red tone, white, black, blue tone, etc.

4. Pylox Solid

As the name from Pylox, solid type is the spray paint that has solid color. It is a multipurpose paint with ozone-friendly and excellent color retention.

The Pylox spray paint price for this type is affordable in the Philippines and available in many marketplaces. The finishing of this type is matte to gloss.

Pylox solid type has the most color collections because it is the most general type to sell at the market.

This aerosol paint has acrylic-based material which is adhesive and has excellent durability.

Though it has a mild smell, it is non-toxic so it is safe to use.

5. Pylox Pearl

Pearl White has a low Pylox spray paint price with the best outcome if you want to have pearl finishing.

It is matte to glossy. This type is good for many purposes, such as primer paint and re-coating. It can hide the imperfections on the surface of the material.

6. Pylox Doff

Pylox doff is a superior color that will spread well after your spray on the surface.

Since it is doff, the finishing color is matte. If you want glossy finishing, this paint is perfect for plastic and other surfaces that have less exposed-sunlight.

Before using this spray paint, you have to use primer on the surface. Primer will hide the imperfection.

After that, doff spray paint will cover in color perfectly. Pylox doff consists of many colors, such as black, gold, and metallic tone.

Pylox Spray Paint Price Philippines

Pylox spray paint price in the Philippines has a wide range in marketplaces.

It depends on the brand, volume, and also the colors. Here is the price list of Pylox paint:

Pylox Paint TypePrice (₱)
Bosny Acrylic18
Bosny Pearl59
Haifei Auto54
Nippon Lazer170
Bosny Deep Rubber Peelable180
Bosny Fluorescent120
Bosny Candy tone60
Bosny Vespa93

Besides Pylox spray paint price in the Philippines, you have to consider the kind of surface that you will paint before choosing the right paint.

Pylox has super strong coverage for the surface and you may need a primer before spraying for a better look.

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