Sliding Door Price Philippines

The sliding door price Philippines ranges from affordable to expensive. The more affordable ones generally consist of one wood panel door.

Doors are available in several types. One of them is the sliding doors. This door type is gaining more popularity in the Philippines lately because it offers some advantages that Filipinos cannot find in single-hinged doors.

Moreover, the sliding door price Philippines varies from affordable to expensive.

Therefore, more people can afford sliding doors. Another thing that people love about this door type is the modern sliding door design.

Many sliding doors have modern and minimalist looks that beautifully match a modern-designed house.

What is the Purpose of a Sliding Glass Door?

A sliding door is a door unit that opens and closes by sliding sideways. Some sliding doors have one panel, but others have two panels. Those with two panels mostly consist of a mobile panel and a fixed panel. 

Aside from the one-panel and two-panel differences, sliding doors also come with different material choices.

One of them is sliding glass doors. They commonly have two panels. In addition, the glass sliding door design is generally simple.

It features two frames and two glass panels. Why do some people choose to install sliding glass doors over other types of sliding doors? The reason for this installation is that glass sliding doors serve several purposes.

  • A glass sliding door connects the bedroom to the balcony or the family room/kitchen to the backyard/patio.
  • This sliding door allows the room to get more natural light.
  • A glass sliding door lets you have a larger view of the outside world.
  • It improves the air circulation of your room when you open it.
  • A glass sliding door connects an office to the lobby/hall and at the same time provides a soundproof office.

Types of Sliding Door

Sliding doors are available in many types. Below are several sliding door types you can install at home.

1. Double Sliding Door

Double Sliding Door

The double sliding door has two mobile panels. The panels open at the door centerfold to the sides.

This sliding door type provides a wide entrance to the living area. It makes a good interior door and door leading to the garden or porch.

2. Patio Door

Patio Door

The patio door is a sliding glass door that connects the living area with the patio. It has two large glass door panels.

This sliding door price Philippines can be expensive because the glass used in making the panels are thick tempered glass.

3. Pocket Door

Pocket Door

This sliding door type will disappear into the wall when you slide open the door panel. You must create a space inside the wall if you want to install the pocket door. This sliding door is very efficient and space-saving.

4. Barn Door

Barn Door

A barn door generally has a wood door panel that hangs on a track. This sliding door makes a great sliding door for bedroom. It is easy to install and offers enough privacy.

5. Sliding Glass Door

Sliding Glass Door

The sliding glass doors generally have a mobile glass panel and a fixed glass panel. Some sliding glass door panels come with frames, but others are frameless.

They make good interior sliding doors and you can install them anywhere, including the bathroom.

6. Grills Sliding Door

Grills Sliding Door

For those who have a front sliding door, you must double it with a grill sliding door. The latter has metal door grilles that offer better security. 

The grill sliding door will allow your living space to have better circulation and get more natural light without you worrying about intruders. It will also keep your small children indoors.

7. Sliding Door Cabinet

Sliding Door Cabinet

Kitchen cabinets come with different door types, for example, sliding doors. Cabinets with sliding doors generally have a sleek modern look. Therefore, they are perfect for a modern and minimalist kitchen.

8. Aluminum Sliding Door

Aluminum Sliding Door

Glass sliding doors generally come with aluminum frames. Manufacturers choose this metal because it is durable and has an excellent ability to support heavy weight.

However, the aluminum sliding door price Philippines may be slightly expensive.

9. Track Sliding Door

Track Sliding Door

A sliding door track is an essential part of sliding doors. The material used in making most sliding door tracks and kits is aluminum and carbon steel. The price of the tracks highly depends on the materials.

Sliding Door Price List

You can purchase sliding doors from many Philippine sellers, including CR sliding door.

However, before you contact them, you must first check the sliding door price Philippines table below.

Sliding Door Products

Product Description


Rustic Interior Wood Barn Sliding Door with Carbon Steel Track4.9 ft₱1,630
8 ft₱2,032
Sliding Door PVC Folding Door for Indoor Partition1.2 m (width)₱1,755
Aluminum Alloy Wood Barn Sliding Door 4.9 ft₱2,440
Frameless Glass Shower Barn Sliding DoorsAluminum Alloy track; 2.0 m₱2,476
Carbon Steel Wood Barn Sliding Door Hardware4.9 ft₱402

Advantages of Sliding Door

Is sliding door good? Yes. Sliding doors offer several advantages as follows.

  • They allow more natural light to shine into the room.
  • They improve the air circulation of the room.
  • They require less space.
  • Glass sliding doors offer a better view of the outdoor environment.
  • The sliding door design is perfect for both traditional and modern interiors.

Disadvantages of Sliding Door

However, sliding doors also have some disadvantages.

  • Maintaining and cleaning glass sliding doors takes time and energy.
  • After several years, sliding doors may get stuck or difficult to slide open because the track gets stiff or sticky.
  • Some glass sliding doors do not offer as good insulation as swinging doors do.

The lowest sliding door price Philippines is around ₱1,630. It is small and made of wood with a carbon steel track.

Meanwhile, glass sliding door price in the Philippines is higher than wood barn sliding door of about the same size. Moreover, the material of the hardware also affects the sliding door price.