Sprinkler Price

Sprinkler systems are essential for efficient and automated irrigation.

When it comes to their price in the Philippines, it can vary depending on factors such as the type, coverage area, and brand.

On average, you can find sprinklers starting from around ₱71 per piece. In this article, we will explore the different types of sprinklers available, discuss their uses, pros, and cons, and provide you with a comprehensive price guide.

Discover the perfect sprinkler system to keep your lawn or garden well-watered while staying within your budget.

Uses of Sprinkler

The sprinkler is the tool to sprinkle the water on the plant. Large or small scale, the sprinkler can work efficiently to spread the water better and the sprinkler price is affordable too.

Usually, the sprinkler is used to water the garden, farm, and other areas that need a proper irrigation system.

Types of Sprinkler

1. Oscillating sprinklers

Oscillating sprinklers

These are the standard sprinklers to water the lawn.

Oscillating sprinklers are popular in many areas in the US because the shape is simple. It has a long tube with some nozzles.

After that, the water will stream out from the nozzle from side to side.

You can control the sprinklers’ stream easily. In the market, this sprinkler is sold in many sizes of nozzle.

It is a helpful way to control the amount of water to irrigate the farm or garden. Some city parks use this for children to play in the water.

2. Impact sprinklers

Impact sprinklers

This is the sprinkler that will stream powerful water from the nozzle. The sprinkler price for this type is quite expensive because it can move in a circular pattern.

The sprinkler also doesn’t get affected by the wind. This is the best option for irrigation systems, back lawns, and landscape plants.

3. Fixed sprinklers

Fixed sprinklers

The sprinkler price fixed type is the cheapest one among the sprinkler types.

It has a lot of designs, sizes, and shapes in the market. You can pick the one with a particular pattern while it sprays. However, this sprinkler is only for low-pressure purposes.

Pros and Cons of Sprinkler


  • 1. Consistent

The water coming from the sprinklers is consistent.

So, having this tool is a good investment yet the water sprinkler price is pretty affordable.

The nozzle will distribute the water with the same amount in a certain period.

2. Wide coverage

Using a water sprinkler is efficient because you don’t need to go around the land just to water it.

The coverage of the water sprinkler is wide. You may need more than one sprinkler to water the whole area if it is too large.

3. Adjustable

You can adjust the amount of water to water the area.

The coverage of the sprinkler can be narrower or larger, depending on the size and the capability of the sprinkler itself.

The flow can be weak and strong as well.


  • 1. Impacted by the wind

If you live in an area with strong wind, sprinklers will get impacted.

The direction of the water may change and the coverage may be unexpected from the plan.

  • 2. Water evaporates

On a hot day, the water may evaporate quickly. The dry condition will absorb the water drops from the nozzle.

It is not efficient if you live in an area with little water.

  • 3. Soaking

The area near the nozzle might be soaking compared to the farther area. You need to control the amount of water after that.

Sprinkler Price Philippines

The sprinkler price Philippines is not expensive for some brands because more people choose to sprinkle their own gardens to water the area. Check the price list here:

Type of SprinklerPrice (₱)
Garden sprinkler ABS115
Irrigation sprinkler 5 head59
Universal joint spray292
Misting sprinkler71
Rotating sprinkler80
Refraction spray80
Atomizer 125
Suntiger JP888

Requirements for Sprinkler Irrigation System

  • Pumping station

A pumping station is important because it will pump the water from the source to the nozzle.

You may need more than one pumping station for a large farm or area. The sprinkle price with this station might be more expensive.

  • Pressure gauge

A pressure gauge will determine how far the water can cover the area. You have to discuss with the engineer for this matter.

  • Filtration system

The filtration system makes sure that the water will not soak the area. This system should consider the large area and which nozzle type to use.

  • Nozzle type

It is important to determine the nozzle type for the sprinkler. More nozzles on the sprinkler mean more water is needed to cover the area.

It also determines the volume of water that you need and the time to turn the sprinkler on.

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