Steel Bar Price List

Structural steel is one of the steel bar prices Philippines that you only know. Check the other types of steel bars to create better construction in this article.

Steel bars are the main part of a lot of construction work. It’s another form of iron with a small amount of carbon.

Without this material, the construction project only can do worse. The steel bar price Philippines is varies depending on the size, manufacture, and total carbon in it.

What is Steel Bar?

Steel bars are concrete and strong material for construction work. Because of those reasons, a lot of construction projects use this material.

It has different grades of heat-triggered, shapes, and thicknesses. Steel bars are easy to cut and bend according to the requirement.

Type of Steel Bar

1. Mild Steel Reinforcement

Mild Steel Reinforcement

Another name for this steel bar is steel rebar. It has a lot of surfaces from galvanized, anti-rust oil, PVC, and transparent oil.

Steel rebar is famous for various applications from the fence, oil pipe, building construction, greenhouse, and scaffolding construction.

2. High Yield Deformed Bars

High Yield Deformed Bars

HYSD has higher strength and cheaper than 10mm steel bar price. The bond is concrete and greater than other types.

Since the percentage of carbon is higher, the cost to use these steel bars is cheap. Sometimes, construction uses hYSSD to replace mild steel and plain steel bars.

3. TMT (Thermomechanically Treated) Steel Bars

TMT (Thermomechanically Treated) Steel Bars

TMT is quite expensive compared to 12mm steel bar price. The strength level is fairly good. A lot of construction uses this bar steel in various structure.

They make the bar by rolling the hot steel on icy water. While the internal core is soft, the external part is harder.

4. CRS (Corrosion Resistant Steel) Bars

CRS (Corrosion Resistant Steel) Bars

These steel bars are anti-corrosion because of copper and chromium contents in them to prevent rust and corrosion.

The resistance level is higher with 0.18% carbon. Usually, construction at the seashore uses these economical steel bars. Plus, it has earthquake resistance as well.

5. Steel Wire Fabric

Steel Wire Fabric

Steel wire public is weaving steel which has 3 patterns, dutch weave, plain weave, and twill weave.

The construction that uses this steel is pavements, shells, roads, and slabs. Another name for steel wire fabric is wire mesh.

6. Structural Steel

Structural Steel

Structural steel is popular to construct cross sections. The shapes are various to support specific needs, from Z-shape, I-beam, HSS, Angle, and Tee.

Though this steel bar has great strength, it will lose up to a certain amount because of sufficient heat.

Steel Bar Price List Philippines

Here is a list of Steel Bar Price Philippines:

Type of Steel Bars



Price per unit

Grade 6016mm6m₱ 350
Grade 6016mm7.5m₱ 450
Grade 6016mm9m₱ 540
Grade 6020mm7.5m₱ 710
Grade 4010mm6m₱ 170
Grade 4012mm6m₱ 220
Grade 4012mm7.5m₱ 250
Grade 4012mm9m₱ 305

Advantages and Disadvantages of Steel Bars

1. Bearing the loads

The main purpose of steel bars is bearing the loads. This is the reason a lot of construction such as roads and bridges need steel bars as the main structure. Steel bars are strong and they last long even after decades with very low maintenance.

2. Durable

Another advantage of steel bars is their durability. It has great strength because of its solid structure.

For the construction, steel bars last long for decades even centuries. The low maintenance such as coating prevention it’s getting rust and corrosion because of weather.

3. High cost

It may be the disadvantage of using steel bars for construction. For low-budget structures, the steel bar price is fairly expensive.

The better the grade, the price is higher. Sometimes, the quality of steel bars itself is different from the same price. It depends on the manufacturer.

4. Rusting

Another disadvantage that you have to consider before using steel bars is rusting. This is the risk that you’ll face because of weather and droplets.

Rusting can occur in less than a year. Prevention such as coating will help, even though it’s not promising for long time usage.

Steel bars are a great choice to create strong construction in your project. They have a lot of shapes and thicknesses to adjust to your need.

Steel bar price Philippines is affordable and has high-level durability to lessen the cost of the construction project.