Steel Pole Price Philippines

Looking for the cost of steel poles in the Philippines? You’ve come to the right place!

Steel poles are versatile and widely used for various applications such as street lighting, signage, and electrical installations.

When it comes to their price in the Philippines, it can vary depending on factors like the size, length, and specifications.

On average, you can find steel poles starting from around ₱4,400 per meter. In this article, we will explore the different types and sizes of steel poles available, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of their prices.

Discover the perfect steel pole for your needs and projects at an affordable price.

Uses of Steel Pole

Years ago, people in the Philippines used wooden poles for various purposes.

However, now they altered these poles with steel poles. Steel poles are tubular shafts made of steel.

They are superior to wooden poles. Moreover, the steel pole price Philippines is fairly affordable.

Steel poles offer some advantages for their users.

One of them is that they have a long lifespan due to their resistance to rust, termites, and heat. Moreover, they are also strong and have a sturdy design. 

As a result, it is no surprise that people use steel poles for various purposes. Below are several applications of steel poles.

  1. Lamp Poles

One of the most common applications of steel poles is lamp poles.

These poles are available in several designs. 

Moreover, they have a handhole or connection cabinet.

The handhole is an opening on the pole whose height ranges from 0.4 m to 1 m above ground and width of about 80 to 120 mm. 

  1. Flag Poles

Flag poles are typically straight steel poles. They are armless poles with several choices of anchor bases.

In addition, they are relatively small in diameter and short in height.

Therefore, the flag steel pole price Philippines is lower than other pole types.

  1. Electric Poles

Another common use of steel poles is electric poles.

They are typically very tall and available in a couple of designs, such as single cross and double cross.

These poles also have a handhole.

Types of Steel Pole

There are several types of steel poles that you can find in the Philippines. 

1.Round Straight Poles

Some light poles and flag poles have a round straight design. It is very simple but functional.

You can attach an upright arm, double arm, or single arm to meet your steel pole needs.

2.Round Tapered Poles

Round tapered poles have a round shaft that tapers gradually at the end. Many lighting poles use this type of steel pole.

In addition, some electric poles also use this pole design. However, they usually have a single cross or double cross at the top.

3.Polygonal Poles

Polygonal poles, such as octagonal poles and hexagonal poles are fairly popular.

They are available in tapered and straight designs. You can also add pole arms or crosses to these poles.

The polygonal steel pole price Philippines is almost the same as the round pole price.

4.Direct Burial Poles

Direct burial poles do not require anchor bolts in their installation.

You must insert these poles into a concrete base or concrete foundation. 

5.Flange Mounted Poles

Flange-mounted poles have a pole base at the bottom shaft. You need anchoring bolts and concrete to install these poles. 

The first thing you must do when installing these poles is create a foundation in the ground.

After that, pour concrete into the foundation. Next, you must ‘cast’ the anchoring bolts into the concrete.

Size Steel Pole

Steel pole manufacturers make their products in various sizes. Some steel poles are rather short.

They are typically ideal for light or flag poles. Others have large diameters, thick walls, and tall heights. 

The height of steel poles varies between 3 m to 12 m. Moreover, their thickness is generally 2.5 mm or 3 mm.

These steel pole sizes affect the steel pole price Philippines. The taller the pole, the higher the price is.

Steel Round Tube Price Philippines

How much is the steel pole price in the Philippines? You can check the steel pole price Philippines in the table below.

Steel Pole ProductSizePrice
Galvanized Tapered Lamp PoleT: 2.5mm, H: 5 m, Bottom Diameter: 130 mm₱7,995
T: 2.5mm, H: 8 m, BD:140mm₱11,790
Galvanized Steel Lamp Pole with a Single ArmT: 2.5 mm, H: 6 m, Arm Length: 0.85 m, BD: 130 mm₱11,850
Galvanized Electric Steel Pole 110 KVH: 12 m₱27,000/set
Galvanized Octagonal Electric Steel Pole 69 KVH: 10 m₱5,570/set
Galvanized Lamp PoleH: 4 m₱4,400

Steel poles are versatile materials. They are ideal for flag poles, lamp poles, and electric poles.

They also have a long lifespan and are strong and sturdy. In addition, the steel pole price Philippines is fairly affordable for most citizens.

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