Tile Price List and Sizes

There are many types of tiles. Here, we explain 12 tile types, from ceramic tile to vinyl tile, tile price list Philippines, and how to choose the right tile.

Tile is a term that refers to any type of durable material that can be installed on a surface in rows.

It can mean everything from broken seashells to solid gold, on walls, in kitchens, bathrooms, and other places.

In this post, we tell you various types of tiles, tile price Philippines, and how to choose the right tile.

Type of Tiles

1.Ceramic Tile

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One of the most common types of tiles. Easy to install, easy to clean, durable, and comes in many styles

2. Porcelain Tile

Porselin Tile image

Also one of the most common types. Can emulate the looks of wood, natural stone, and brick but without any of their maintenance.

3.Glass Tile

Glass Tile image

Easy to clean and has a minimalistic aesthetic. An excellent option for low-traffic areas.

4.Marble Tile

Marble Tile image

A type of tile that effortlessly adds a touch of refinement and elegance. Best used in low-traffic areas.

5.Granite Tile

Granite Tile image

Granite tile has similar look and feels to marble tile, but at a less expensive price.

6.Limestone Tile

Limestone Tile image

Limestone tile is soft yet durable, easy to work with, and the perfect option for rustic décor.

7.Travertine Tile

Traverstine Tile image

Travertine tile offers a natural aesthetic. The tile’s soft and subdued color palette creates gorgeous neutral tones.

8.Quarry Tiles

QuarryTile image

A type of tile that is durable, natural dense, and nonporous. Quarry tile is naturally water-resistant and doesn’t need to be sealed.

9.Resin Tiles

Resin Tile image

The perfect choice for DIY projects. Resin tile allows you to create your tile patterns.

10.Mosaic Tile

Mosaic Tile image

An amazing choice for decoration. Mosaic tiles come in so many different sizes, shapes, colors, and styles.

11.Cement Tile

Cement Tile image

An extremely versatile type of tile. It offers a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from. Best used in low-traffic areas.

12.Vinyl Tile

Vinyl Tile image

A type of tile that offers similar looks to ceramic and hardwood tile. Some even have similar look and feel to the types of tiles that they are mimicking.

Tile Price List in Philippines

Lola CeramicaLarkIndoorPorcelain20 x 120 cm₱ 2,281.00
Sol CeramicaZaneIndoorCeramic15 x 90 cm₱ 1,180.00
CifreTuscanyIndoorPorcelain60 x 120 cm₱ 6,000.00
StnBellevueIndoorPorcelain59 x 119 cm₱ 6,628.00
Arte CeramicheSieraIndoorPorcelain60 x 60 cm₱ 1,490.00
Huanqiu CeramicOracleOutdoorPorcelain60 x 60 cm₱ 1,620.00
Sol CeramicaMoonstoneOutdoorSemi-porcelain30 x 60 cm₱ 1,400.00
Sol CeramicaZedaOutdoorCeramic30 x 30 cm₱ 840.00
SaigresTerrazaOutdoorPorcelain60 x 60 cm₱ 1,260.00
OsetIpe OutOutdoorPorcelain15 x 90 cm₱ 2,971.60

How to Choose the Right Tile

With so many types of tiles to choose from, how do you find the right one? The following questions can help you find the right tile.

  • Where will the tile be placed?

Certain types of tiles are more suitable for certain surfaces. For example, porcelain and ceramic tiles are more suitable for floors and counters. Likewise, glass tiles are more suitable for walls and backsplashes.

  • What is your budget?

In other words, how much are you willing to spend on the tile? Tile price Philippines varies, so checking out price lists can help you find out what options you have.

  • How often the tile will be used?

This relates to the durability of the tile. If the tile will be installed on a surface with high traffic, you want a type of tile that is up to the task.

There are various types of tiles. And with various types, tile price Philippines varies, too. Which type of tile you should use depends on many factors. Most importantly, where the tile will be placed, your budget, and how often the tile will be used.