Wood Moulding Price Philippines

Are you curious about the cost of wood mouldings price Philippines? Look no further!

Wood mouldings are versatile and add a touch of elegance to any interior or exterior design.

When it comes to their price in the Philippines, it can vary depending on factors such as the type of wood and the intricacy of the design.

On average, you can find wood mouldings starting from around ₱26 per linear foot.

In this article, we will explore the different types of wood mouldings available and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of their prices.

Discover the perfect wood moulding to enhance your space with style and sophistication

Types of Moulding Trim

1.Crown Moulding

As the name is, this moulding is popular as a decorative part of your house. It is normal to have cracks in the ceiling.

The crown moulding can be the best part to cover it and to beautify the looks. This style is very popular in Australia and the UK.

Nowadays, crown moulding is not only used to cover imperfections. This moulding can be a perfect decoration for the upper part of your kitchen cabinet.

The wood moulding price Philippines for this style is cheap, but the output after touching is elegant and fancy.


Baseboard has another name half moon because it is only the half on the wall. The wood moulding half-moon price Philippines is quite affordable to beautify the wall. The position is at the bottom.

The uniqueness of this baseboard is the range of profiles, styles, and sizes.

At the bottom of the moulding, there are shoes and caps. These parts consist of two profiles, the shoe moulding, and the quarter round.

Show moulding is more traditional and the quarter round is modern. The shoe wood moulding price Philippines is more expensive than the quarter-round style.

3.Board and Batten

Instead of using the blank wall, you might consider board and batten moulding for your house.

This is the type of moulding that can create a big visual effect for the house. This style is very popular for the country house style in the US. Another name for this style is barn siding.

The wood moulding price Philippines for this style is quite expensive because it can cover the whole wall.

These panels should be installed vertically. The battens can be wide and thin. Another profile of this moulding is the board with stips on the top of the board.


The casing is one of the moulding styles that will create a better look at your window and doors.

Casing moulding has a decorative purpose and it improves the style. However, the homeowners would be consistent with the choice of the casing. This wood moulding price Philippines has a wide range.

There are several types of casing profiles available in the market, such as stafford, colonial, ranch, belly, and windsor.

They are the adoption from the UK and the US styles. These options are classic, so it looks good for the house which is not into minimalism.

5.Chair Rail

The hair rail is unique because it has to be horizontally attached. This moulding is used to prevent the chair from rubbing against the wall.

So, the chair rail will protect the quality of the wall. Thus, it also keeps the floor clean. This moulding is in the category of the decorative element in the room.

6.Picture Rail

This moulding is another element for the wall.

Usually, this is used to hang the picture, so you don’t have to hang the frames directly on the wall.

In the Philippines, there are several options of wood such as red oak, mahogany, and cherry.


The wainscoting is the style at the bottom of the wall as wood paneling. In the Philippines, most wainscoting is made from oak wood.

This application is popular in rooms such as dining rooms, staircases, and foyers. This wood moulding price Philippines is cheaper if it is from PVC.

Wainscoting has several designs such as flat, overlay, baseboard, and batten. The placement of this panel is more flexible than other types of moulding.

Wood Moulding Price List Philippines

The wood moulding price in the Philippines and wood moulding half moon price philippines is different according to the profiles, sizes, and types of wood.

Some woods that are generally available in the market are oak and pine. Here is the price list of these mouldings in the Philippines:

Types of Wood MouldingPrice (₱)
Corneza wood 29-56
Macrame wood 36”62-145
Waincoasting KAREN301-452
S4S Quarter round board45-70
Dongyang Tibetan moulding2,733-6,062
Lacyes Balsa wood57-128
TY212 Waincoasting667-1,040
Picture Rail 45 degree moulding220-369
Hellery blank moulding102-139

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