Davies Paint Price

Davies paint price in the Philippines start from ₱ 295 – ₱ 1,094 . Will be different according to the uses and the colors collection.

Check the specialization and the price list here.

Uses of Davies Paint

1. Decorative Paints

Davies paint is the best paint brand for decorative purposes.

The paint has many types to choose such as reducer, rubber solvent-based, floor coating, acrylic texture coating, neutralizer, epoxy-based, sealer, etc.

Davies paint price and color will depend on the purpose of the decoration.

The advantage of choosing Davies paint color to use as decorative paint exterior and interior is the durability and being odorless.

Once you finish painting, there is no odor at all.

The durability level of this paint is also high. For exterior use, it can stand harsh weather for a decade at least.

The color selection of Davies paint color chart has a wide range and you can mix the color. The manufacturer itself provides the option to mix colors by request.

It will give you a chance to have unique colors for decorative purposes, for buildings, or semi furniture items.

2. Construction Chemicals

The construction chemicals paints from Davies are special because it has a protection purpose.

The paints have many color ranges and most of them have a waterproofing system. There are many options such as polymer-modified paint, plaster, sealant, rendering paste, etc.

This option is usually used in harsh environments such as factories, mining, etc. Since the environment might invite rust and corrosive, the paint will protect the materials well.

For the acrylic paint option, the paints will come up in a small tube and others are in the bucket.

3. Industrial Paints

Industrial paints are special because they usually are not for houses, but for special construction such as roads and factories.

The material is usually thermoplastic and they can stand harsh weather. Davies paint price for this paint selection is quite expensive, yet the quality is excellent.

There is only one color available that you can buy from this selection, white. The paint can be the primer before you paint the materials with other colors.

4. Marine and Heavy Duty Coatings

The marine and heavy-duty Davies paint has the purpose of coatings. It is not as simple as decorating the objects but protecting them from the mineral contents in the water.

Davies sells the collection with the name Chugoku in the market.

The finish from the paint is Epocon with many color options such as white, gray, blue, orange, etc. The colors are bold, yet it is not a mixed-color one.

The main component of this paint is polyamide.

5. Specialty Finishes Paints

This is the category to add some details on the material you are going to paint.

Usually, it is used if you want to add special effects on the wall, such as texture, matte coating, etc. There are some other options as well for basecoat and fibrates adhesive.

Since this option is for specialty, Davies paint price in this category is quite expensive.

The packaging for each paint is also different depending on the component of the paint.

Color of Davies Paint

1. Walls in fashion

This is the color option where there are more than 1080 colors of paint to choose from. The color chart has a wide range for many purposes and uses.

The options are perfect if you want to decorate the building or other furniture. The Davies paint price may vary according to the color.

2. Philippines shade

This is a special shade that will provide the buyers with the Philippines color.

The collection is all different across the nation and there are only about 15 shades in the market.

The Davies paint price Philippines for these colors will be different according to the richness and specialty of the color.

3. Change in Hue

This is the color where Davies paint Philippines inc. offers a wide range of bold colors. The collection is perfect to build the energy of your space.

You still can mix the colors by request. Usually, the colors in this chart are for painting the furniture.

4. Galaxy colors

The Galaxy colors are a combination of 2024 colors and the spectrum of this option is very wide.

From dark to light colors, this collection is ready to serve a stunning impression. There is a mixed colors option as well, but it should be by request.

Davies Paint Price Philippines

The innovation from Davies makes the Davies paint price very competitive in the market.

To know more about the price available, check the price based on the items available here.

Davies Paint TypePrice
Ag-100 Aqua Gloss It White 4₱ 1,094
Bio Fresh+ Premium 1L₱ 295
Sun & Rain COTP Camiguin 1L₱ 395
DV-500 Megacryl Flat Latex 4L₱ 703
Elastogel 100% Ultra Acrylic 1L₱ 295
Fusion Premium Dirt₱ 295
Sun & Rain Zamboanga 1L₱ 395

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