Enamel Paint Price

Enamel paint price start from ₱ 60 – ₱ 685 in Philippines. The price depans on the types and quality enamel paint used.

The enamel paint price in the Philippines’ market is affordable to create a better look for furniture and other parts of the house.

Here is more information about this paint.

Uses for Enamel Paint

  • Wood paint

The wooden surface will look fresher when you apply the enamel paint. The enamel paint price is not too expensive, but the result on a wooden surface will generate its value.

The enamel will protect the surface, so the wooden quality is long-lasting.

Wood is also sensitive because of UV light. The enamel paint will act as a sun protector.

At the same time, the enamel is also the shield against moisture in the room.

Any issues such as mildew, peeling, and mold can be avoided by applying the enamel paint.

  • Metal paint

The enamel paint price is also affordable for the finishing purpose of the metal surface.

It creates a long-lasting effect for the metal, so it won’t get rust easily. This is a good choice since enamel paint is easy to find and gives the best protection as what is enamel paint main purposes.

There are two available finishes that you can choose from, such as matte and glossy.

The glossy finish is way more expensive since it escalates the look of the metal.

Usually, metal fences use this paint. The elements in it also help to create a shiny appearance on the metal.

  • Glass paint

Enamel paint used for glass material too. The glass is hard to paint unless the material is from an enamel composition.

You can paint the glass for decorative purposes.

There are many colors available to improve the look of the glass surface.

Enamel Paint Price in Philippines

The enamel paint can dry quickly, so your work can be faster. The result enamel paint looks shiny and glossier than other types. You can coat the surface for better finishes.

Here is the price list you will find on some Philippines’ e-commerce:

Enamel Paint BrandsPrice
Boysen Enamel Flatwall₱ 314
Tamiya Paint Gloss₱ 130
Davies water-based₱ 685
Solo Enamel₱ 200
Welcoat enamel₱ 60
Nation enamel maple₱ 175
Challenger enamel₱ 60

Advantages of Enamel Paint

  • Easy to apply

The enamel paint is a good choice if you want a color paint with easy application benefits.

The enamel paint price in the Philippines has a lot of ranges because of brand and volume differences.

  • Versatile

The versatility of enamel paint is excellent. It doesn’t only work for wood and metal, but also glass surfaces which have difficult surfaces to paint.

It is common to use this paint even though the enamel paint price in the Philippines is higher than other types of paint with the same purpose.

  • Durable

The durability of this paint is also good. It can last more than a decade. The enamel paint can be a good shield from UV light and harsh weather.

For houses in a sensitive area, enamel paint is good to go since it is a good investment for your place.

Disadvantages of Enamel Paint

  • It can peel off

The paint from oil-based is easy to peel because of the scratches, especially enamel wood paint.

The matte finish option can be a good one because it is less risk of peeling off.

The glossy one is easy to scratch and the effect from it is less aesthetic. Unless you decide to re-paint the part.

  • Less color

The range of colors is limited. This is the advantage of enamel paint.

The ones which are available at the market are usually in bold colors since a lot of people use enamel paint for exterior purposes.

  • Less eco-friendly

The biggest disadvantage of enamel paint is that the materials are less eco-friendly.

When it’s dropped on the ground, it is very hard to clean. The urethane in it has a strong odor for the workers. It is also flammable.

Enamel Paints Compatible Materials

There are several materials that will be compatible with enamel paint. As long as you paint the surface right, you won’t face any issues.

The materials are plastic, porcelain, aluminum, glass, caulking, wood, stainless steel, and galvanized steel.

FAQs Enamel Paint

What Does Enamel Paint Contain?

The main material of enamel paint is oil-based. Other materials such as resinous material and petroleum spirit.

The chemical materials above can resist the effect of alkalis and acids.

How to Apply Enamel Paint?

After applying primer on the surface, you can immediately apply the enamel paint.

Use painter’s tape if you need to create some patterns. After the first coat, apply the second coat before peeling off the tapes

How Long Does Enamel Paint Take to Dry?

It takes about 24 hours to dry. However, some higher enamel paint price might have faster drying times.

Some brands can dry after 8 hours only. Therefore, choose the brand wisely before applying.

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