Floor Drain Price Philippines

Floor Drain Price Philippines – When it comes to efficient drainage systems in homes, offices, or commercial spaces, floor drains play a vital role in preventing water accumulation and ensuring cleanliness. If you’re considering installing or replacing floor drains in the

Philippines, it’s important to have an understanding of the factors that affect their price and the available types in the market.

In this article, we will explore the world of floor drains and provide you with valuable insights into their average prices in the Philippines.

By understanding the factors that influence floor drain prices and the various types and materials available, you’ll be better equipped to make informed decisions and budget effectively.

So, if you’re curious about the factors affecting the price of floor drains and want to know how much they typically cost in the Philippines, read on to discover the options available and their affordability.

Factors Affecting the Price of Floor Drain

When it comes to floor drain price Philippines, there is a variety of factors that affect it. For starters, the type of floor drain.

Smaller and simpler flood drains are usually cheaper. Conversely, larger and more intricate ones are more expensive.

The material of flood drains affects the price as well. For example, the stainless floor drain price Philippines is less expensive than the price of a brass floor drain.

Quality and durability are next. The floor drain price Philippines of quality and durable flood drains are higher.

But considering their quality and durability, it is worth spending extra upfront.

No worries. Many flood drains are affordable, so you’ll always have options regardless of your budget.

Types of Floor Drain

There are four main types of floor drains: point, linear, center, and corner. 

1.Point drain

Point Floor Drain 1 image

Point drains are the most common type. Also known as standard or traditional drains, they are usually placed in the center of the shower floor.

Point drains have a small grate that covers the drain. Their simplicity and affordable floor drain price Philippines are what make them a popular choice.

2.Linear drain

Linear Floor Drain 1 image

If a point drain is too traditional for you, you can go for the linear floor drain. Linear drains are typically long and narrow.

They run along the length of a wall of the shower. Since linear drains can cover and thus, absorb more water, they are ideal for larger shower areas.

3.Center drain

Center Floor Drain 1 image

Center drains work similarly to point drains. Like point drains, these drains are often placed in the center of the shower floor.

What makes them different is the center drains’ capability to handle a higher flow of water.

4.Corner drain

Corner Floor Drain 1 image

Corner drains are specifically designed to fit in the corner. That’s why they are ideal for smaller shower areas. 

They come with a cover, situated just above the drain. These drains are an excellent bathroom floor drain choice if you want to maximize a small showering area.

Regardless of the type of floor drain you are going for, you will need a P trap for floor drain.

Floor Drain Materials

Floor drains are made of various materials. If you’re looking for a durable and strong floor drain, the stainless floor drain is your best option.

Stainless drains are simple and affordable, too. They make an excellent kitchen floor drain.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something even stronger and more durable, you might want to consider installing a cast iron floor drain. Cast iron drains are much stronger than stainless ones. 

When it comes to removing standing water, a PVC floor drain does the job just as well as a stainless or cast iron drain.

What makes it an excellent choice is the drains’ resistance to chemicals and industrial wastes. 

In addition, PVC floor drains won’t rush or corrode, unlike cast iron ones. If you’re looking for an outdoor floor drain, you might want to consider a PVC one.

How Much Floor Drain in Philippines?

Lastly, let’s talk about the floor drain price Philippines. Here’s the floor drain price list.

NoItemSizePrice (in ₱)‎
1Stainless Steel Strainer4 x 4 inches170
2Stainless Steel Strainer with Odor Trap6 x 6 inches250
3Slotted Jaman  Floor Drain4 x 4 inches685
4Jaman Floor Drain5 x 5 inches1,144
5Stainless Steel Long Concealed Floor Drain10 x 10 x 20 cm460
6Sefa Floor Drain with Insect and Odor Trap4 inches193
7Birke Stainless Steel Strainer4 inches361
8Kasch Gobi Linear Strainer with Satin Finish60 x 70 x 75 cm3,009

The floor drain strainer price Philippines is ₱170, while Jaman floor drain price Philippines is ₱1,144. Notice the huge difference.

The floor drain price Philippines varies widely.

While the prices above are approximations, you can use them to get an idea of how much you will need to spend for a floor drain.

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