Juction Box Price Philippines

Looking for affordable and high-quality junction boxes in the Philippines?

If you’re wondering about the cost and where to find them, you’re in the right place.

Junction boxes are essential electrical components that provide a secure and organized way to connect wires and cables.

With different types and sizes available in the market, finding the right one can be a challenge.

In this article, we’ll explore the types of junction boxes, the current price list in the Philippines, and the best places to buy them. So, let’s dive in and discover what’s in store for you!

Types Of Junction Box

Jbox or electrical junction box housing electrical connections that have an enclosure.

This box is protecting the electrical connections so that the weather won’t ruin them.

The box will also protect people from electric shocks. Check out the junction box price Philippines after checking its types.

1.Metal Junction Box

The metal one is usually made of steel or aluminum. Its weatherproof quality allows you to use it outside.

If you use metal conduit in running wires to your electrical box, this means you need to use a metal box. It is going to anchor your conduit. Also, a metal box and conduit will be used to ground your system.

A metal box is one of the best options since it is more secure, fireproof, and durable. You can check the metal junction box price in the Philippines on this page.

2.PVC Junction Box

High-impact PVC is the next material used to create an electrical junction box, especially for outdoor installation.

The outdoor PVC junction box price Philippines usually is higher than the price for an indoor junction box.

But many standard outdoor junction boxes have comparable costs to the ones designed indoors.

3.Water Proof Junction Box

This type can be used outside and inside the house, since it will prevent water, dust, and rain from entering your electrical circuit and also the electrical equipment inside the box.

This junction box has a higher junction box price Philippines because of the various materials used to build the box.

Waterproof junction boxes can be made of ABS, stainless steel, die-cast aluminum, fiberglass, and polycarbonate of PC.

You can use it with AC and DC breakers, cable glands, thermostats, heaters, relay sockets, and DIN rails.

4.Weather Proof Junction Box

Weatherproof junction boxes are also known as outdoor junction boxes.

This has an enclosure that is designed to protect the exterior electrical connections and wiring so that they will be safe from dust and water. Dust and water will cause damage.

Despite the high junction box price Philippines, outdoor junction boxes are IP rated for dust and water. They are also IK rated for impacts. That’s why outdoor junction boxes are perfect for outdoor power installations.

5.Plastic Junction Box

Plastic junction boxes have doors or holes that ease you to remove or open them.

The low junction box price Philippines will give you lightweight junction boxes with no sharp edges. These junction boxes are also less expensive compared to metal junction boxes.

However, plastic junction boxes may melt in a fire and will not provide grounding. The doors of plastic junction boxes don’t always hold the cable firmly.

Junction Box Price List Philippines

There are so many brands of junction boxes available. You need to check the price of each brand and then compared different brands to find the best ones for your needs.

Below is the latest list of junction box price in Philippines.

Junction box detailsDimensions in mmPrice
Waterproof junction box white ABS with IP65 technology100x100x70₱65
ALLAN Waterproof junction box plastic ABS with IP68 technology50×50 (round)₱40
Junction box Fj6 terminal block with cover65x39x36 (2 in 4 out)₱188
98x38x38 (2 in 8 out)₱239
Vastar Single Phase Junction Box 2 in 6 out80x34x45₱203

Where To Buy Junction Boxes in The Philippines

The best way to purchase junction boxes in the country at a reasonable junction box price Philippines is by purchasing your order online.

Marketplaces are offering quality products that allow you to get them without leaving the house.

Buy from online stores that have an excellent reputation and nice reviews.

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