Metal Studs Price List and Sizes

Metal studs price is affordable but the type isn’t only for the wall. With fire-resistant ability, the usage is in most commercial buildings. Here you can find best metal studs price in philippines and their sizes

Metal studs are partitioned from steel. Residential and commercial buildings use a lot of metal studs because it’s rigid and solid.

It’s strong with rust-resistant. Metal studs price is affordable which makes it has strong reason to use.

What are Metal Studs?

Metal studs are steel that has a lot of mixes. It consists of 55% aluminum and 45% of zinc which will prevent the risk of rusting because of chemical or natural reaction.

Installing and removing metal studs are easy and this is the reason why metal studs are popular.

Uses of Metal Studs

Metal studs are commonly used for the wall. It has a very lightweight quality to support the structure. Even though it looks very light, metal studs have a high level of strength.

A lot of factories use metal studs for their wall partition to decrease the cost of building.

As a wall of a frame wall, every metal studs size is easy to install. The construction can change from time to time because it’s easy to remove from the frame.

The design of the room or building can be more creative to support the need, especially in a place like a warehouse.

Metal Studs Price List Philippines

50 mm x 70 mm x 300 mm0.5 mm₱385
0.6 mm₱415
0.8 mm₱445
1 mm₱545
50 mm x 100 mm x 300 mm0.5 mm₱400
0.6 mm₱465
0.8 mm₱615
1 mm₱775
50 mm x 150 mm x 300 mm0.5 mm₱495
0.6 mm₱585
0.8 mm₱785
1 mm₱970

Advantages of Metal Studs

1. Fire resistant

This is a great advantage of metal studs price Philippines.

It is fire resistant, tested, and proven. If there’s an unexpected risk of fire happen, metal studs on the wall of the building won’t spread the blaze into other parts of the building. Metal studs usage is the best prevention structurally.

2. No decay

Insects are everywhere, especially in a building.

They have a role to increase the risk of decay, from the ceiling, wall, and even furniture. By using metal studs, the risk of decay is preventable. After all, insects can’t consume the steel. They possibly don’t come to the place at all.

3. Durable

Metal studs price is affordable yet durable because it doesn’t get the effect chemically or naturally. Over time, metal studs are rigid and strong, especially with clean maintenance.

It lasts longer than wood and becomes a great option to not use wooden material anymore.

4. Fabricated

Metal studs are flexible.

The builders can fabricate the shape of the metal studs according to the need. It will maximize the function of the room itself. So, it’s a less-cost option yet the space’s function is greater.

Disadvantages of Metal Studs

1. Wireless problem disturbance

Using metal studs as a wall might create disturbance for wireless signals. The metal studs will interfere with the signal and it’s quite disturbing for the work.

Considering signal interference before using metal studs in the building is a wise choice.

2. Expensive than wood

Compared to wood, metal studs has a more expensive price. Framing the room needs a lot of metal studs and it’s costly. Therefore, take some notes before planning to use metal studs as the wall of the building. However, it lasts longer than using woods.

3. Hard to cut

Metal studs have a high level of strength and it’s rigid. In the middle of the project, you might need to cut a lot of metal studs and it could be a big homework since it’s more challenging than cutting the woods.

Preparing special blades for this might help you a lot.

4. Noisy

It’s unavoidable that the sound of cutting the metal studs and the installation creates the noise. It annoys the workers and also the people who stay around the project.

You can’t avoid that there’s a part that needs to cut the metal studs to create a flexible design.

Metal studs price in the Philippines is cheap. It helps much if you are going to separate the space with a minimal budget.

The installation is quicker as long as you prepare the special blades to cut the metal studs.