Paint Roller Price

Paint Roller Price – Paint rollers are essential tools for achieving smooth and efficient paint application.

When it comes to their price in the Philippines, it can vary depending on factors such as the type and quality of the roller.

On average, you can find paint rollers starting from around ₱20 to ₱78.

In this article, we will explore different types of paint rollers available, provide you with a comprehensive price guide, and offer valuable tips on how to choose the right one for your painting projects.

Unleash your creativity with the perfect paint roller!

Types Paint Roller

1. Textured Paint Roller

Textured Paint Roller image

The texture paint roller is a roller that has a particular sleeve. The sleeve itself will create the pattern once you roll on the surface.

You can change the sleeve to make the texture you want. However, the market sells the types which are textured.

The paint roller price for this type is affordable.

Since the texture will create different vibes on the surface, this paint roller is named the innovative way to paint the wall.

You can choose paint roller brush in the market which have designs, such as bricks, wood grain, or mimic design. It is good for any theme of your place.

2. Manual Paint Roller

Manual Paint Roller scaled image

You can buy the manual paint roller if you want to apply thin paint on the surface.

This is a simple roller with a rotating metal in the middle of the sleeve. This roller is good for both interior and exterior purposes.

The paint roller price for a manual roller is the cheapest in the market.

3. Mini Paint Rollers

Mini Paint Roller image

Some parts of our place have small space and it is hard to reach. You can solve this issue by using a mini painting roller.

This is the roller that comes with only 2-6 inches, so you can use any roller that your project needs.

Sometimes, this type is called a hot dog paint roller.

4. Specialty Paint Rollers

Specialty Paint Roller image

The specialty paint roller is special because after applying the paint on the surface, you will see the pattern.

This roller paint price is the most expensive because the pattern is specialized.

The user can request the manufacturer to get the pattern they want.

5. Pad Paint Rollers

Pad Paint Roller image

This type is in the form of a pad, not a roll. However, the function is still similar to the paint roller.

That’s why it is still categorized as a paint roller. The pad paint is simple to use, and you can avoid the splatters on the floor. 

Paint Roller Price Philippines

The paint roller price in the Philippines is different according to the size and quality. Check the list of its price here:

Paint Roller Type and BrandPrice  (₱)
Sunrise 7-9”29
Sunrise cotton 7-9”28
Acrylon 7-9”49
Hi-tech polyester 7”22
Dragonfly 7”25
Omega Polyamide 7”54
Hippo Acrylon 7-9”78
Fuyama 7”74

How to Choose a Paint Roller

  • Check your desired finishing

There are woven and synthetic rollers available in the market. If the finish is glossy, you should use the woven roller.

Meanwhile, for the latex finishing, you can choose the synthetic roller.

  • See your project scope

Understanding your project scope will help you to get faster work with a roller.

For a big-sized surface, you need several paint roller sizes at one time to work on.

Use the manual for the primer and use the specialty or textured for a better appearance.

  • Painting purpose

The last consideration is the area to paint, whether exterior or interior.

A textured paint roller is the best for outdoor, and the manual roller is for indoor.

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Does a Paint Roller Create a Better Finish?

f you want a good finish with a pattern, a paint roller is the best option than a brush.

The paint roller price is very affordable to create a pattern on the surface.

You do not need to be extra by drawing on the wall for that. It may not help much if you want a better finish in an area that is hard to reach.

Why Does My Paint Roller Slide Instead of Roll?

Sliding the paint roller is possible instead of rolling because the roller has too much paint on it.

The solution is to remove the paint, so you can use it smoothly.