Polyethylene Sheet Price

Polyethylene sheet price Philippines – The polyethylene sheet price Philippines has ranged according to the size and thickness of the foam. Here is the complete summary of the types and prices

Types of Polyethylene Sheet

1.PE foam – Rod

Polyethylene Sheet PE Foam Rod 1 image

The PE foam – Rod is the backer road that you may use for the backing. Usually, this foam can be a sealant to make the space in between to be more controllable.

This polyethylene sheet price Philippines has variants, such as bi-cellular, open cell, and closed cell. Before using one, you have to understand the structure.

The main benefits of PE Foam Rodis increasing the elasticity. If you want to control the depth of the sealant and reduce the consumption of the caulk, PE Foam Rod is the best choice.

Another name for this foam is a bond-breaker because it is easy to refill.

  • Bi-cellular type

This type is the most unique because there is outer skin on it. The function of the outer skin is to prevent moisture.

This is why the polyethylene sheet price Philippines is higher than other types. The common usage of this bi-cellular type is for the irregular joint.

  • Open cell

The open cell allows air movement on the sealing. Whenever you compress the foam, the foam will be back to its initial shape because of its air movement. This is the most flexible foam, but it gives the best protection as an airing sealant.

When you need a polyethylene sheet thickness that is easy to adjust, an open-cell PE foam rod can be a great option.

This, there are many common uses of this foam such as paring decks, window glazing, the partition of construction, and curtain wall.

  • Closed cell

Another option of polyethylene sheet price Philippines which is reliable because it doesn’t have interconnection with other cells is the closed cell types.

This type is popular for places with high moisture. The bonding is very strong for many kinds of installation.

The best thing about a closed-cell PE Foam Rod is the heat-resistant level is up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the market, this polyethylene sheet roll is always sold since the purpose is helping with constructions such as expansion joints, log construction, curtain wall, and partition.

2.PE foam MF

Polyethylene Sheet PE foam MF 1 image

This PE foam MF is different from the rod because the main purpose of the foam is to insulate the heat.

You might find the foam in the system of solar heating, a system of low-temperature, refrigeration, sanitary installations, and also plumbing activities.

The main difference is the PE foam FM includes the metalized film. It never exists in Rod. The metalized film has a big role to keep the insulation.

For that reason, polyethylene sheet price Philippines is quite high in the market.

Size of Polyethylene Sheet

There is polyethylene sheet size chart that you may find at the market. Here is the range that the shop sells to the customer.

The ThicknessSize (inches)

Colours and Shades Polyethylene Sheet


The most popular color and the cheapest polyethylene sheet price Philippines is the black color one.

This polyethylene sheet roll is everywhere because it is for general use. The advantage of this PE color is protecting the surface from UV light and it is easier to deteriorate.


Another color that you can consider is transparent.

The polyethylene sheet price in the Philippines for the transparent is affordable but it is not as easy as the black one to find. It is not against UV exposure, yet the roll is good to protect from the drizzle.


The colored version of the polyethylene sheet is usually for the branding of each brand.

It doesn’t have any effects, neither positive nor negative to the protection. It is just the basic information of sheeting and the size can be different as well.

Polyethylene Sheet Price Philippines

The polyethylene sheet price Philippines will be different according to the thickness and size.

Some suppliers might only sell the sheet in rolls at least 4 meters wide. Here is the price list that you may find in the Philippine market.

Type of SheetPrice
Foam sheet W/3MM₱ 50
LEGIT Greenhouse PE 150 microns 2.5m₱ 118
Japan Suntiger anti UV 2.7 x 50 m₱ 3,788
Arneth PE film 12 x 5 m₱ 2,750
Eva Foam Faux 94×18 inches₱ 1,796
Agricooltura 50 x 1 m₱ 67

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