Primer Paint Price

Primer Paint Price start from ₱ 245 – ₱ 1186 in Philippines. The price can go high or low depens several factors either the types of primer paint .

The primer paint price in the market is higher than other types because it has a great role for many kinds of surfaces.

Check the uses, types, advantages and price here.

When to Use Paint Primer

  • Cover the previous color paint in the object 

This is the paint that you should use to cover the previous color paint in the object.

The surface can be anything from furniture, wall, metal, etc.

However, you also need to know when to use it since primer paint price is higher than other types.

  • Painting the dark color

The object or material with dark color needs primer paint and you also have to know how to paint primer.

For example, painting the yellow color on the blue paint might not work well. In the end, the color will blend.

So, the primer paint will cover the previous color first before the actual color.

  • Blemished surface

The surface of the wall or wood may have some blemishes. If you don’t want to work hard to make it smooth, you can cover the blemishes with primer paint.

The primer paint price at the market is affordable enough to cover some specific parts of the material.

  • Basic primer

Before painting with the actual color, using primer paint will maximize the color appearance.

You don’t need special finishing.

Priming also will increase the durability of the material. It is a safe option and such a good investment in the future.

Types of Primer Paint

1. Oil-based primer

In the market, this primer paint is known as alkyd primer.

The applications can be both exterior and interior. Mostly, oil-based primer is used to paint the wood.

This primer is excellent to prevent damage because of temperature and weather changes.

However, you have to take note that oil-based primer needs at least 24 hours to dry.

The primer paint price for this category is also quite expensive. Once it is tainted, it is also hard to clean. In general, oil-based primers increase durability.

2. Latex primer

Latex primer is a primer to plaster and paints the metal. It is water-soluble and fast-drying after 4 hours.

Some areas that need to be covered can use latex primer paint to maximize the appearance of the surface. This prime is also easy to clean when it gets dirty.

However, you may need to understand that this type has some limitations. Since it is water-based, discolorations over time might happen.

The primer paint based on latex is hard to cover the dark stains. This primer is perfect for the wall.

3. Shellac primer

The shellac primer has a higher primer paint price in the market because it is good for the interior and can block stains.

For the area which is exposed to the water, a shellac primer is a good option. It is not only for the wall but also metal, wood, and plastic.

The shellac primer paint is quite harmful when it is in the application. The workers need to be extra careful.

The room needs some ventilation as well. This primer paint is also less versatile than other types of paint.

Advantages of Primer Paint

  • Preventing rust

The use of primer paint will also help the material to gain rust over time, especially for metal.

Primer is a good option for coating. You can use learn how to use paint primer for different surfaces first to maximize this purpose.

  • Neutralizing the color

The biggest advantage of primer paint is bringing back the neutral color. You can easily color the surface after priming it first.

Usually, the primer paint has white color and the boldness will be different according to the brand.

  • Sealing the pores

Sealing the pores is important because the pores can be a place where mildew and mold growth.

Over time, the pores might be bigger and create a hole. The durability of the materials declines, especially on the wall.

You need primer paint for the wall the most in every project.

Primer Paint Price Philippines

The primer paint price depends on the brand and the place where you buy it.

The price will be different according to the volume of the paint and the coverage level.

Here is the price list of the primer paint of some brands available in the Philippines.

Primer Painrt BrandsPrice
Sphero epoxy primer₱ 305
Coat saver epoxy₱ 299
Guilder with catalyst₱ 1186
Brebwise metal ₱ 410
Boysen primer₱ 560
USA primer₱ 245
Daview primer and sealer₱ 666

FAQs Primer Paint

How Many Coats of Primer Do I Need?

The use of primer paint will depend on how bold the previous paint is. One coat may not be enough.

To create a strong bond, you can use 2-3 coats to cover the previous paint color.

Mostly, two coats are enough for every project. Use primer paint price at a reasonable level.

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