Rain or Shine Paint Price

Are you curious about the rain or shine paint price in the Philippines? Look no further!

Rain or Shine offers a wide range of high-quality paints for all your painting needs.

When it comes to its price in the Philippines, it can vary depending on factors such as the type of paint and the size of the container.

On average, you can find Rain or Shine paint starting from around ₱170 per liter.

In this article, we will explore the different types of Rain or Shine paint available and provide you with a comprehensive price guide to help you find the perfect option for your painting projects.

Get ready to transform your space with Rain or Shine paint!

Types of Rain or Shine Paint

1. Elastomeric Paint

Rain or Shine elastomeric paint is used as a primer for concrete. The purpose can be for the exterior and interior.

The quality of the topcoat is excellent with anti-mildew material. Rain or Shine paint price for this type is affordable for the primer class.

It is waterproof paint that you can apply with a roller or brush.

Since it is a primer paint, the finishing of this paint is a low sheen.

However, you need to make sure that the concrete has dried at least two weeks ago. This paint is odorless, so it is safe to apply indoors.

2. Elasto-Tex

In the Rain or Shine color chart, there is elasto-Tex paint that will be a good coating.

It is the perfect choice if you want paint that has a textured finish. The paint can protect the wall from water penetration because of rainfall.

Then, elasto-tex is the perfect option if you want to hide the hairline cracks on the wall.

The Rain or Shine paint price for this type is more affordable to hide imperfections than hiding the concrete with other steps.

3. Hi-gloss

For a wider range of Rain or Shine paint color chart, the Hi-gloss type wins the category.

This is waterproof coating paint which is good for the interior and exterior.

It has high resistance to dust, dirt, temperature, and UV light. Since it is hi-gloss, the finish of the paint is glossy.

Though it is hi-gloss, the paint will work best if you don’t cover the surface with the primer first.

You should coat with primer after that coating with hi-gloss at least once or twice.

The Rain or Shine paint price for this type is a bit expensive because of the color option.

4. Dirt Shield

The Rain or Shine paint color from Dirt Shield type has a wide range because it can resist the surface from dirt.

The main purpose of this product is for the exterior because it has anti-chemical reactions because of temperature, dirt, and UV.

Since it is coating paint, the finishing of this product is glossy. It can hide the hairline crack and the adhesion level is very high.

The Rain or Shine paint price for the dirt shield category depends on the volume of a gallon.

5. Shine Classic

Shine Classic has a semi-gloss effect on the walls. This paint can be for exterior and interior purposes.

Since the Rain or Shine paint colors have many collections in different tones, many people use this as a top coating.

You need to use a primer before using this shiny classic type.

6. Xtra Gloss

Xtra Gloss is one of the best types of Rain or Shine paint price. It is very affordable as waterproof paint.

It can be mixed with elastomeric paint for the primer for better results in waterproof function. However, there is only one color available for this type, milky white color.

7. Prepa-White

This paint is a water-based primer and it can hide the cracks. The ability to hide the imperfection from this paint is so extra.

It is an undercoat paint that can be applied to the exterior and interior. Thus, the waterproofing capability is better than the latex paint type.

8. Power Putty

Power putty is the paint that will hide the imperfection on the surface. It is powerful to hide, not only the cracks but also scratches and dents.

This paint is good for interior and exterior purposes. The color of this type is only available in white.

Rain or Shine Paint Price in Philippines

The Rain or Shine paint price in the Philippines depends on the purpose of the paint and the volume you buy.

The Rain or Shine is mostly available in a big bucket. Here is the price list.

Rain or Shine Paint 1 Gallon PricePrice
Prepa-white₱ 189-2,738
Power Putty₱ 189-688
Xtra Gloss₱ 214-782
Hi-gloss₱ 257-3,738
Dirt Shield₱ 293-4,623
Elasto Tex₱ 1,075-4,138
Classic₱ 244-3,538
Elastomeric₱ 170-4,188

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