Receptacle Price Philippines

Looking for affordable receptacles price Philippines? You’re in the right place! Receptacles are essential electrical outlets used for various purposes.

When it comes to their price in the Philippines, it can vary depending on factors such as the type, brand, and features.

On average, you can find receptacles starting from around ₱15.

In this article, we will explore the uses, types, pros and cons of receptacles, and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of their prices.

Discover why receptacles are important, how they work, and how to choose the right one for your electrical needs.

Uses of Receptacle

Receptacle is another name for a power outlet. It has some holes where the wire should be inserted to get the electrical current.

Some countries use different receptacles, but the main uses are the same. The receptacle price Philippines is different according to the current streamed on the wire.

Types of receptacle

1.GFCI Outlet

This receptacle price Philippines may be the most expensive one because the use is monitoring the flow.

It will detect the difference in the current immediately. There are some capacities sold in the market for this type.

2.Weather resistant

You can use the weather-resistant receptacle for outdoor needs. It has anti-corrosion material that will make it durable and safe.

The configuration is mostly 15-20A. This receptacle outlet price Philippines will depend on the number of holes it has.

3.USB type

More household appliances have USB connectors, so modern receptacles are specialized for this type.

The receptacle price Philippines is quite expensive for a maximum 15A stream.

4.Smart outlet

Nowadays, people choose smart outlets because they are compatible with many appliances.

It is smart as the name is because one receptacle has different kinds of wires to insert. It also has an assistant to turn on and turn off.

The receptacle price Philippines for this type is expensive.

5.Tamper proof

This is the receptacle to protect the outlet itself from getting inserted by other objects.

This receptacle has the code “TR” on it when you buy it in the market. This is very recommended for the house which has some children.

They won’t be able to be in dangerous situations.

6.AFCI outlet

This may be the most expensive perceptible in the market because it needs computerization monitoring.

This receptacle is very popular to use in many commercial buildings. They can prevent fire because they can open a circuit when there are broken wires case.

Pros and Cons of Receptacle


  • Monitoring the current

The advantage of using the receptacle is controlling the current stream. Each receptacle has a sensor to detect an abnormality.

The more features it has, the higher the receptacle price Philippines has.

  • Fire preventive

The bulb and light receptacle price Philippines is quite expensive because they can prevent fires. By using a receptacle, you can avoid this case.


  • The price

The receptacle price Philippines is sometimes the reason why many people choose the expensive one.

Only the expensive ones have standardized and have better safety levels.

  • The risk

Since it relates to electrical tools, it has some risks. You cannot replace this outlet with a DIY because it can encourage power leakage.

You need to buy the standardized ones.

Receptacle Price Philippines

It is important to know the types and also receptacle price list in Philippines because they have different types and purposes.

Check the list in the table below:

Types of ReceptaclePrice (₱)
E27 ceiling receptacle15-25
Weatherproof socket15
Firefly bulb socket28-58
Huta light adapter18-43
Eoppo 106 2×219
Omni receptacle27-32
Kopez keyless receptacle22

Why Do We Use Receptacles?

We use receptacles to flow electrical current. Since it has some hold, you can connect more than a wire to the outlet to get the power from the source.

How Does a Receptacle Work?

When the tip of the wire is plugged into the receptacle, the electrical current will flow to the cable and turn on the appliances.

It applies to many kinds of appliances, including bulbs. However, the bulb receptacle price Philippines is cheaper for this purpose.

How Do I Choose a Receptacle?

Since every country uses different receptacles, you should know the type that the Philippines uses. After that, check its brand to ensure its safety.

The receptacle price Philippines will depend on the brand you buy and it is the last decision.

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