Spray Paint Price

Spray paint price start from ₱ 59 – ₱ 430 in Philippines/ The price can go high or low depens several factors either the type you’re use.

The spray paint price is relatively cheap for sparkling results on many surfaces.

Check the uses, types, ,prices, advantages, and disadvantages of this paint here.

About Spray Print?

Spray paint is paint that contains aerosol and the air can deliver the point to the surface using a nozzle.

The spray paint price is not expensive and there are many colors available in the market. It is n portable tube and you can use it without additional tools.

The spray paint is very flexible and most people use it for graffiti and spray painting.

Before using, usually, the user should shake the tube to make sure that the nozzle will spray the color well. You can get it in almost every hardware supply.

Types of Spray Paint

1.All in-one

This is the spray paint that is perfect for all, even plastic paint spray.

The spray paint price for this type is way affordable. It can be for outdoor and indoor purposes.


Epoxy spray paint is highly adhesive and it is perfect as spray paint for wood as well.

The paint is heavier than other types and it is hard to clean after being sprayed because of its polymer content.


The oil-based spray printing price is more expensive because it is used for vehicles.

It has corrosion resistance and you don’t need to apply any primer on the surface before applying the paint.


The price of enamel spray paint in the Philippines is high because the durability level is high as well.

However, it is drying very fast and you can use it outdoors, both building and furniture.

Spray Paint Price in Philippines

The spray paint price in the Philippines market will be different according to the brands and the volume.

Sometimes, colors also have a role in pricing. For example, matte black spray paint is cheaper than gold paint spray.

Here is the price list.

Spray Paint BrandPrice
Bosny All Color₱ 105
Koby₱ 79
Haifei₱ 59
1K All Color₱ 135
Bosny KT Gold₱ 157
Samurai Paint₱ 430
Boston₱ 68

Spray Paint Finished

  • Flat finish

The flat finish doesn’t look glossy but is more similar to matte. It doesn’t shine at all and it is the general result of all spray paint price levels.

Usually, the spray paint for a flat finish works well if you use it to hide the imperfections on the material’s surface.

  • Gloss

The gloss spray paint has light reflection and it is good for exterior purposes. For the most durable purpose, the gloss type is the most durable one.

It cannot be a spray paint primer, but for angle-showing, this paint is the best. It is not easily torn and damaged because of the scratch and weather.

  • Metallic

If you want a sheen finish, metallic is a good choice. The spray paint price Philippines is way cheaper than the gloss finish.

Your project will sparkle, especially if you use it for decorating vehicles.

  • Satin

The satin spray is popular as spray paint for metal because it is an oil-based liquid finish. It is long-lasting but it works when it is sprayed on the surface.

It is semi-glossy and still reflective of the light. It can hide imperfections as well. The spray paint price for this type is affordable.

How to Choose Spray Paint

  • Choosing the types

Spray paint for plastic will be different from the metal material. You should consider the type of paint.

If you have no idea, you can consult with the hardware staff.

  • Choosing the finishes

It is vital to choose the finish since the result is at the end. If you want a sparkling one, choose metallic as an example.

For glossy results, choose gloss paint.

  • Consider the price

Spray paint price is also important to consider. The more expensive it is, the better the quality is.

Make sure the brand is well-known for its quality.

Advantages of Spray Paint

  • Durable

The durability level of spray paint is high. This is why many people use this paint for outdoor painting. It stands out against the weather.

  • Smooth finish

The finish of spray paint is smoother than other oil-based paint. It can hide the imperfections on the surface as well.

  • Humid resistant

Humidity is the enemy of the painting’s quality.

The spray paint is humid resistant, so the surface will not grow mildew and mold over time.

Disadvantages of Spray Paint

  • Price

The spray painting price can be the reason why many people avoid it.

A tube of paint is more expensive than getting oil-based paint in a can.

  • Color range

The color range of spray paint is limited. In case you want another shade, the paint is not easy to mix because you only can spray the paint to the surface.

  • Odor

The odor from spray paint can be a big disadvantage for some people.

It doesn’t go away even after a few days, especially for indoor use.

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