Stainless Square Tube Price,Types & Size Philippines

Are you interested in knowing the stainless square tube price Philippines? Your search ends here!

Stainless square tubes are flexible and long-lasting structural elements utilized in a variety of applications.

The cost of these tubes in the Philippines can fluctuate based on factors like the grade, size, and thickness.

On average, stainless square tubes can be found starting from approximately ₱59 per 30cm.

Within this article, we will delve into the assortment of stainless square tube types and sizes available, along with a comprehensive pricing guide.

Find the ideal stainless square tube that perfectly suits your structural requirements and budget.

Types of Stainless Square Tube

1.Polished square tubing

The polished square tube is a tube with a square cross. It has been polished, so the durability is higher.

It has weather and chemical resistance, so this tube barely has rusted over time. If you want a tube that is easy to maintain, polished square tubing is the best option you can get.

The stainless square tube price Philippines for this version is more expensive than other types because of the polished addition.

The main content of this tube is chromium, and other elements are aluminum, titanium, molybdenum, and nickel. It depends on where you buy the polished square tube.

Usually, this version has strong chromium content. The color of the polished square tubing maybe not be your favorite color, but it can be efficient to install the tube.

You do not need to repaint the tube to make it last longer. The production itself has involved polishing that will protect it from strong corrosion.

This polished tube is very commonly used in many architectural structures. The stainless tube price Philippines can reduce the budget.

Some rail projects in the Philippines also use this material as their main tube for structuring. Automotive components often use this type as well.

2.304/304L Square Tube

This is the tube that many people choose for bigger-sized requirements. Larger ornaments usually need this type for decorative purposes.

On the other hand, this square stainless tube is not suitable for some purposes. For example, pipeline. 

There are some finishing for this type of tube and it brings effects to the stainless square tube price Philippines.

The most sold finishing is as-welded and buffed. The highest quality for this tube is the classic finishing. It also has some polished versions in 180-320 grit.

Though it has high quality and the thickness is supportive for many purposes, this square tube is still easy to cut.

You can bend the tube, so it meets the expectation of your decorative purpose. The price may be higher if you ask the vendor to cut and make it decorative as per request in the Philippines.

3.316/316L Square Tube

This version has the best torsional strength and the structure is perfect for the transportation pipelines.

The industries which use this type of square tube are medical treatment, the light industry, mechanical instruments, petroleum, and the food industry.

This type is more than decorative purpose because it is more functional. This square tube is made to be weather resistant. It is strong enough to be in extreme weather, such as high and low temperatures.

The 316 and 316L are amenable for welding, cutting, machining, and forming.

Since it’s great for machining, this type can be found for marine applications. The offshore companies use this type because it is strong from corrosion because of high salinity.

Plus, the handling system in the fluid is excellent. This stainless square tube price is affordable for the industry.

Sizes Stainless Steel Square Tube

The stainless square tube sizes have a wide range. Here is the complete list of the dimension for each type of tube:

Type of the TubeDiameter and Thickness
Polished Square Tube1,5-8 inches and 0.049-0.375 inches
304/304L Square Tube1,5-8 inches and 0.049-0.375 inches
316/316L Square Tube1,5-8 inches and 0.049-0.375 inches

Stainless Square Tube Price Philippines

The Types of the Stainless SteelPrice
4FT Stainless tube ₱1,105
2FT Stainless tube₱430
304 Square tube₱370
Tubular GI 30 cm₱59

The stainless square tube price Philippines is different according to the place you buy the tube.

Here is the list of prices that you can find in the marketplace or the material store.

The stainless square tube price Philippines are affordable enough for both purposes, either functional or decorative purpose.

The finish of the tube is flawless for the polish which can create a better image of the structures.

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