Steel Round Tube Price

Are you curious about steel round tube price Philippines? Your quest ends here!

When it comes to their price in the Philippines, it can vary depending on factors such as the type of steel, manufacturing process, and size.

On average, you can find steel round tubes starting from around ₱1,000 per meter.

In this article, we will explore the different types of steel round tubes available and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of their prices.

Discover the perfect steel round tube for your construction and manufacturing needs within your budget.

Types of Steel Round Tube

Steel round tubes are hollow round pipes made of steel. However, they are different from steel pipes.

The tubes are typically for structural applications, not transporting liquid or gas. In addition, they have smaller diameters.

Therefore, the steel round tube price is more affordable than the pipe price.

You can find several types of steel round tubes in the Philippines.

When you look for ‘steel round tube near me’ on Google, you may find round tube types below.

1.Electric Resistance Welding (ERW)

Electric Resistance Welding (ERW)

Manufacturers make ERW tubes by cold-forming metal coils into cylindrical shapes.

After that, they apply a particular welding process to create steel tubes with strong joints.

Some ERW tube applications are chassis manufacturing, internal machine components, and general stands.

2.Cold Drawn Seamless (CDS)

Cold Drawn Seamless (CDS)

The manufacturing process of CDS tubes involves piercing hot metal billets into a tube and rolling the tube to elongate and create the desired diameter.

CDS tubes offer an appealing appearance and a thicker wall. 

Therefore, the CDS steel round tube price may be slightly higher than others.

CDS tubes are excellent for shafts and roll cages in automatic industry, hydraulic cylinders, and high-pressure pumping applications.

3.Drawn-Over-Mandrel (DOM)

Drawn Over Mandrel (DOM)

Manufacturers make DOM tubes by cutting metal coil at a particular size, cold rolling the metal coil to form a tube shape, and welding the edges.

Next, they cut the tubes and drew them over the mandrels. DOM tubes are typically for hydraulic and automotive components.


Hydraulic Steel Round Tube

Hydraulic tubes are seamless. Moreover, they have a bright and clean finish.

Hydraulic tubes are ideal for various applications related to fluid pumping or where flaring and bending are essential.

5.Hot Finished

Hot Finished Steel Round Tube

Hot-finished tubes are seamless tubes created by piercing hot metal while it is rotating.

Moreover, hot-finished tubes are easy to shape, bend, and cut. Therefore, hot-finished tubes are versatile.

They are great for rolls, pillars, drilling equipment, and machined parts.

Moreover, hot-finished steel round tube price is rather affordable. However, they have an unattractive finish.

Size Steel Round Tube

Steel round tube sizes vary greatly. The measurement of these tubes consists of outer diameter and wall thickness.

It is different from steel pipe measurement which features inner diameter and wall thickness.

The wall thickness of steel round tubes typically ranges from 1 mm to 3 mm. Moreover, their outer diameter is between 15.8 mm and 193.7 mm.

In addition, steel round tube sellers in the Philippines sell these tubes at various lengths.

Some of them sell them in full length, but others offer these tubes in half-length or even shorter than that.

Steel Round Tube Price Philippines

Due to the wide variety of steel tube sizes, the steel round tube price also varies widely.

In addition, steel tube types also affect this price. Below is the latest steel round tube price Philippines.

Steel Round Tube ProductSizePrice
Carbon Steel Round Tube OD: 8 mm, WT: 2.5 mm, L: 300 mm₱1,823
OD: 8 mm, WT: 2 mm, L: 300 mm₱1,773
OD: 8 mm, WT: 1 mm, L: 300 mm₱1,655
Carbon Steel Seamless Round TubeOD: 14 mm, WT: 1 mm, L:490 mm₱1,350
OD: 19 mm, WT: 4.5 mm, L:490 mm₱3,150
OD: 22 mm, WT: 2 mm, L:490 mm₱2,500
Hydraulic Steel TubeOD: 16 mm, WT: 2 mm, L:300 mm₱1,450
OD: 16 mm, WT: 4 mm, L:300 mm₱2,395
OD: 16 mm, WT: 5.75 mm, L: 300 mm₱2,380
Steel Tubing OD: 16 mm, WT: 5.25 mm, L: 300 mm₱3,798
Stainless Steel Round TubeOD: 50 mm, WT: 1.5 mm, L: 1 ft₱160
OD: 12.5 mm, WT: 1.2 mm, L: 1 m₱130

Steel round tubes are almost similar to steel pipes. However, steel tubes are smaller than the pipe.

Therefore, the steel round tube price is lower than the steel pipe price.

Moreover, they are ideal for automotive components, machinery parts, etc. not transporting gas and liquid

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