Tulco Paint Price

Tulco paint price start from ₱140 – ₱ 399 in Philippines. The price can go high or low depens several factors either the types you’re choose.

Tulco paint price in the Philippines is one of the reasons why this paint is recommended for production.

Here are some more advantages , types and price.

Types is a Tulco Paint

1.Classic paint

The classic Tulco paint is the paint that has excellent quality for the breathable print.

It is a good option for clothes painting because the finish is hand-friendly and not harmful.

It is ready to use and available in many colors. This Tulco paint price is also cheap for business and personal painting.


It is hard to print white color on dark fabric, but the Superwhite series from Tulco is reliable for this work.

The opacity level is high, and the ink looks outstanding. The finish of this series is excellent. Some paints in this series can create silky results.

3.Athletic Gaze

Tulco paint also provides high-quality paint that specializes in athletic-purpose outfits.

This kind of outfit is the most worn, and a lot of people usually tear it, especially the painted part.

With Tulco paint, the printing quality is solid even though it’s worn and washed many times.

4.Emboss Colour

Emboss printing is another style on the fabric where one shade is more outstanding than others and creates a particular pattern on the fabric.

This is a pop of color and 3D printing that Tusco paint offers.

There are many colors to choose from with better formulations to make the emboss durable.


The Opaque color is solid and is usually in the form of rubber. The level of opacity in this series is excellent and it can stretch to some levels.

Opaque paint is elastic, and Tulco has many colors with different Tulco paint price. It’s good for both bright and dark fabrics.

6.Mica Colors

If you need extra shine for the printing on the fabric, Tulco has the Mica series that will work for this task.

Foil printing is sometimes a big problem because of the quality. However, the Mica series from Tulco can work efficiently and it shines well.

The series is water-based and ready to use without any combination.

7.Sparkling Paint

The sparkling paint is one of the series from Tulco paint.

This is an excellent option to create a sparkling and shining effect on the fabric, but it delivers a smooth look.

This paint is also wash-resistant and you don’t have to worry if it will get damaged because of the washing machine.

8.High-Density Paint

This is the paint that is good to create a 3D effect. The edge of the printing image on the fabric will be sharp and look smooth.

The printing is also elastic, shiny, and smooth. With high-density paint, you can create a long-lasting image on the fabric.

However, this Tulco paint price is more expensive than others.

Advantages of Tulco Paint

  1. Soft on hands

The main advantage of Tulco pain is the soft material. When the paint is applied to the fabric, it won’t be harmful to the hands.

During the making, the paint is not toxic. It is the advantage that many printing businesses want.

At the same time, the Tulco paint price is also affordable with this quality offered.

  1. Smooth paint

The silky effect on the fabric after the painting is the advantage of Tulco paint. The formula is solid, yet the result is silky on the fabric.

When you squeeze the part that has been printed, it will not clog. The paint is elastic, so the paint is worth buying for the printing business.

  1. Elastic Finish

The elastic finish is important because printing is easily torn because of the washing machine.

The formula in Tulco paint is made to be elastic. Hence, the Tulco paint price is quite high because it ensures that the quality is excellent even though the fabric is washed a lot.

  1. 3D Printing

Creating 3D printing is possible with Tulco paint. You can create the shade well with an embossed color option.

This is a good advantage because the paint can be automatically in two shades, where one is bolder than another.

You don’t need to print twice with this paint to create a 3D effect.

  1. Shiny effect

Not all paints for the fabric can shine even though the printing process is successful.

The shiny effect of the printing is the main purpose because it will look outstanding.

Tulco serves some colors that will work like a foil. It’s easy to use and you don’t need to print in layers.

Tulco Paint Price in Philippines

The Tulco paint price in the Philippines has a wide range according to the series and also the color.

The higher the quality of printing, the more expensive the price. Here is the price list of Tulco paints that are available in the e-commerce.

Tulco Paint TypesPrice
Tulco Classic₱ 140
Tulco Superwhite RC₱ 324
Tulco Acrylic₱ 201
Tulco Emboss₱ 399
Tulco Rubberized₱ 392
Tulco Opaque₱ 542
Tulco Wetlook₱ 392

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