Water Meter Price Philippines

Water meter price Philippines varies due to numerous types of water meter reading units available in the market with different abilities and measurement functions.

Water meter price Philippines might not only different from other countries but also from one type to another.

Each water mater has different purposes and applications that also affect its price.

Hence, getting to know them is essential if you do not want to spend much money on the wrong water meter device.

Measuring water is a practice that is available in residential, industrial, and commercial areas. To conduct this practice, you will need various kinds of water meters.

It is beneficial if you know the basics below about this measuring device, its types, how to read water meter, and how to choose the right device.

What is Water Meter?

A water meter is a device to measure the water quantity that goes across plumbing. Its measurement standard uses either cubic feet or gallons to present the result.

This process allows you to record the whole volume of water moving through the measuring device.

If water mater only measures water volume and quantity, water flow meters can measure more water characteristics.

Other things that fall under this device measurement include pH balance, water quality, the quantity of water used, water flowing speed, and its ability to conduct electricity.

A water flow also can estimate the bills from the water use and indicate how much water is used in the production or contribute to certain processes. These qualities inevitably rise water meter price Philippines.

Uses of Water Meter

There are three primary uses of water meters you should know as follows:

  • It measures liquid water characteristics.
  • It determines monthly water bills based on usage.
  • It presents the water quantity used in a process or product.

Water Meter Reading

Reading a water meter might vary depending on the water meter reading units used. However, in general, you only have to read black and white numbers clockwise.

The black numbers are water meter symbol that denotes kiloliters (1 cubic meter) and the white numbers resemble liters.

How many liters of water is 1 cubic meter? It is similar to 1,000 liters. The cubic meter is one of the standards in liquid measurement.

Types of Water Meter

Water mater come in four types based on their ability to measure the water flow in a system.

Below are the most common types. Does it give an idea of what is a water meter called?

1. Positive Displacement Meters (PD Meters)

Positive Displacement Meters

This type measures displacement quantity toward water volume that moves across. PD meters measure accurately when the water flows at low to medium levels.

It features a magnet and activates the register to present the volume. It is suitable for residential and minor commercial uses.

2. Velocity Flow Meters

Velocity Flow Meters

Velocity type is a flow meter for water that measures water rate and its speed. It calculates water consumption appropriately by converting the flow speed into volume. Velocity flow meters are available in three sub-types.

  • Compound Water Meters

Compound Water Meters

It measures wide and quick fluctuations that occurred in the water accurately. It features displacement technologies and a turbine to conduct the measurement.

It uses two-meter reading sets, the larger for high water flow and the smaller for low water flow. Adding both readings results in a usage bill.

  • Single and Multiple Jet Meters

Single and Multiple Jet Meters

Single jet meters have a simple design and feature one port to rotate the turbine. Then, the process will use to gauge the passing water volume.

Multi-jet meters have many ports to measure large water use at lower flow. Hence, the water meter price Philippines for multiple-jet is higher than for single type.

  • Turbine Flow Meters

Turbine Flow Meters

This type features a large diameter pipe to measure high volume water at lower flow. Its internal rotor contains blades and will rotate when the water moves through.

A magnet sticks to the blades to determine their speed and it works with metal to calculate water speed.

3. Electromagnetic Water Meters

Electromagnetic Water Meters

This type measures flow volume accurately without moving elements. Instead, it uses a magnetic field to transfer water across the pipe.

Water passing the magnetic field produces a voltage signal. The water speed affects the voltage.

4. Ultrasonic Water Meters

Ultrasonic Water Meters

This type measures water speed. Now, it features upgraded technologies to create more accurate measurements and transform them into real-time readings.

It is highly accurate and prevents billing clashes. Ultrasonic water meters come in two sub-types:

  • Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meters

It is more suitable and accurate to measure the low flow of water than the mechanical type. It supports various installations.

  • Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meters

It features specific sensors that make its water meter price Philippines more affordable. It is ideal if the flow contains solid material and is less accurate for clean water.

Water Meter Price Philippines

Below is the water meter price list Philippines.



Aqua jet water meter₱3,970
PVC brass water meter₱750
Heavy duty brass water meter₱700

Choosing the Right Type of Water Flow Meter

You can choose the best type by considering these factors:

  • Budget.
  • Water cleanliness.
  • Flow rate.
  • Measurement accuracy.
  • Installation requirements including water hose price per meter Philippines.


1. What type of meter is most commonly used for residential water metering?

PD meters has popular applications in residential due to the accuracy of water meter valve at low to medium flow.

2. What is the most accurate water meter?

The ultrasonic water meter is the most accurate type due to its ability to measure up to 0.001 cubic feet.

Water meter price Philippines highly depends on the type because it defines the function and ability.

It is essential to know the measurement and installation purposes to buy the worthy type.