Elastomeric Paint Price

Elastomeric Paint Price – Are you wondering about the cost of elastomeric paint?

Look no further! Elastomeric paint offers exceptional durability and flexibility, making it an ideal choice for various surfaces.

When it comes to its price in the Philippines, it can vary depending on factors such as the brand and quality.

On average, you can find elastomeric paint starting from around ₱125 per liter. In this article, we will explore the different types of elastomeric paint available and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of their prices.

Discover the perfect elastomeric paint option to protect and enhance your surfaces with long-lasting performance.

Types of Elastomeric Paint

1. Butyl Elastomeric Paint

Butyl paint is one of the elastomeric categories. It is from rubber and is created into liquid.

The main purpose of this type is coating since rubber is flexible and permeable to air.

Many people use this butyl elastomeric because this elastomeric paint price is way cheaper to fix roofing.

This paint also works to prevent further damage, both to the roof and the wall. The strength of this type is high since it is made from rubber.

On the other hand, the elastomeric paint from butyl has high durability. It is also water resistant though it looks like a membrane after being applied to the surface.

Butyl has UV protection. For the best protection, you should choose elastomeric paint with white color because it reflects the sunlight about 90%.

However, you may need more than one coating to apply, especially for the roof. This paint is not available in spraying packaging.

2. Acrylic

Acrylic paint in elastomeric paint is very durable. It has good drainage that people choose for roofing.

It comes in a solid form that can be reflective under the sunlight. Since this feature is available in this paint, the elastomeric paint price from acrylic is affordable.

In the Philippines, this paint is in premium quality paint for the exterior. It works well to hide the hairline and mild cracks.

It can cover the rough surface of the wall as well. This elastomeric paint price is very affordable for those purposes compared to work in other ways.

The biggest benefit that you can get is the elastomeric paint color. The type of colors is wide in range that it can be beneficial for a cheerful exterior.

This paint is also good for waterproof purposes. It helps to protect the wall against the wind and rain. You can apply the paint once or twice after primer.

3. Urethane 

Urethane elastomer paint price is not as affordable as others because this material is hard to find in the general market.

However, urethane material offers an excellent quality to protect the wall. The properties inside urethane can prevent the wall gets damaged because of chemical reactions.

This is a great option to have for your exterior. One the example is elastomeric paint Boysen which is available in the market in the Philippines.

It contains an excellent formula to resist the moisture and temperature differences between day and night.

Applying this paint on the wall also will create a new strength, especially the part where you see the hairline cracks.

Urethane will protect the surface as coatings. There are some colors available in urethane elastomeric types, so you can choose to beautify your interior.

4. Silicone 

The best elastomeric paint is the silicone type. The elastomeric paint price for this type is the highest among other types because it is the best one to resist water.

The strength level of waterproofing is high even though it is under the pressure of water.

If you live in the Philippines, the elastomeric paint price will be a good investment since the Philippines often gets windy with rain cases over the years.

Silicone coating for the wall will protect the quality of the wall itself. The formula of this paint is good for roofing as well.

The biggest benefit that you can get from this paint is the silicone material is not fast to deteriorate.

Even though it faces the heat because of sunlight, silicone material will not be easy to tear down because of it.

Elastomeric Paint Price Philippines

It is important to know the elastomeric paint price list Philippines before you choose one for your exterior.

They have different quality and durability because of the materials they contain. Check the price list below based on the brand and type here:

Types of Elastomeric PaintPrice (₱)
Davies Sun and Rain 4L675
Rain or Shine 1L188
Primero Multi-seal 1L125
Boysen Color  1L153
Campbridge Flexseal 4L1416
Weathergard 4L720
Titan 4L755
Rain or Shine Hi-gloss235
Shelby rubberrized 4L960

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