Jalousie Window Price List

Jalousie window price is not the only reason to get one for the house. From glass to metal windows is something you’ve to consider before buying. Check it out here.

Having a good window can affect the atmosphere in your room. Jalousie window is the type that you might consider installing in your house.

The jalousie window price is affordable and offers some advantages that aren’t available from the ordinary window.

Using a jalousie window is effective to get better ventilation and airflow. For this reason, the jalousie window is popular.

Classic style is another reason to use this window type. For the traditional concept of the house, the jalousie window supports the concept a lot.

What is Jalousie Window

Jalousie window is a classic style of window. The appearance of the window makes it look traditional, yet fascinating at the same time.

The windows have a lot of slit slats. Usually, glass is the main material of jalousie windows because of its durability.

Type of Jalousie Window

1. Glass Window

Glass Window

The glass window is very convenient because it is durable. Glass has aged more than decades unless it’s cracked because of friction.

Jalousie window from glass is everywhere. The slat might be sharp, but the thickness which is usually 5 mm will be safe.

2. Wood Window

Wood Window

Wood jalousie window is in traditional houses or villas in tropical countries. The wood is quite thick and it’s usually from mahogany that has high durability.

However, it may decay over time because wood isn’t good enough under severe weather especially exposure from the outside.

3. Metal Window

Metal Window

It’s a rare type, but some homeowners use the metal jalousie window standard size Philippines price list as their window.

The slats come from steel or aluminum because it’s lightweight. It’s not rusty over time even though there are droplets from the rain on the outside.

Jalousie Window Price List

Type of Jalousie Window


Jalousie Aluminum Frame Louver Glass₱ 250
RMD Jalousie 5 Blades₱ 417
Satin Jalousie Window Frame Set₱ 520
2022 Vers. Analok Louver Set₱ 2,247

Pros and Cons of Using Jalousie Window

1. Ventilation

Even though the slats are close, there’s still airflow because of the hole between the slats.

The atmosphere in the room is cozier because you don’t have to turn on the air conditioner. Jalousie window price in the bedroom will increase the quality of sleep.

2. Preventing Droplets

Even when the day is raining and the slats are open, the droplets from the rain will not enter the room. The slats will act as the shield.

You’ll be able to enjoy the cozy room with the smell of rain and the fresh air flow without getting wet.

3. Blocking the Sunlight

The blurred glass is the main material of slats in the jalousie window price Philippines. It will prevent sunlight exposure to the room in the afternoon.

The room still gets sunlight, but the exposure is still low. The heat in the room is lower than using the ordinary window.

4. Security

Someone can open the slats, both from the inside and outside. This is the biggest disadvantage of having a jalousie window.

The security is so low that an outsider can open the slats. They’ll be able to look at the inside of the room. Besides privacy reasons, it’s bothersome and inconvenient.

5. Easily Removed

Once the homeowners want to remove the window and change it to another design, they can remove it easily.

However, it’s another disadvantage too. An outsider can remove the slats without the sound of breaking glass. It’s simple to remove and it’s frightening if you live in a dangerous area.

6. Poor Energy Efficiency

These windows are suitable for a room without an air conditioner. If you have one and the conditioner is on, it’s going to be a waste.

The room isn’t easy getting cold. The airflow from the air conditional will flow from the space between the slats even though it’s close.

Using a jalousie window is a good choice if your house is safe from the threat. With high security, you’ll be able to enjoy the airflow without the flow from the air conditioner.

Consider other advantages and advantages before choosing this window though the jalousie window price is cheaper.