Door Knob Price Philippines

There is various door knob price in the Philippines according to the function of the knob. Before buying one, check the types and price list here to get the perfect knob.

The doorknob plays an important role in your house. It is impossible to not have a single door knob since the function itself is to increase the security of your place.

Door knob price at the market has a wide range from the security level to the aesthetic look they have.

Choosing the best one might be difficult. Some door knobs have the best function, but the door knob schlage might not be good for the concept of your interior and exterior.

Before you choose one of the door knobs, take a look at the definition, types, and price list below.

What is Door Knob

A door knob handles are part of the door to open and close the door, as well as a lock and unlock function. There are various door knobs according to the function they have for the door.

Usually, it has a bolt or spindle that will rotate once it’s unlocked. Some door knobs recently aren’t round-shaped either.

The main function of a door knob is to increase security. For the exterior door and privacy door, the type of door might be different from the interior and non-privacy types.

There are a lot of models on the market as well to fit the concept of your house.

Door Knob Types

1. Half Dummy Door Knob

This design may be the best door knob since a lot of people use this one for interior doors. This is a non-lock door knob and it doesn’t rotate.

It simply attaches to the door and there is no special function except to pull the door. This style is popular for the double door style in the house.

The half dummy door knob is more for decorative purposes. For this reason, the door knob price is higher even though there is no locking function in it.

There is a wide variety of styles to fit the interior concept of your house. It’s easy to install even for DIY.

2. Passage Door Knob

This door knob design is only for the interior door because there is no lock at the knob. So, you can’t lock this door with locks door handles.

Usually, the knob has a latch and it only rotates to open and close the door. Most homeowners use this knob for closets, non-privacy rooms, and hallways.

The most interesting part of the passage door knob is its price. This door knob price can be the cheapest because it doesn’t have some keys.

It can be expensive too since a lot of homeowners choose the ones aesthetic-wise. Remember that you only can use this knob for the interior.

3. Privacy Door Knob

This knob is special for interior doors such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and rooms that the homeowners think to require some privacy.

Locking and unlocking this door is only from inside. Otherwise, the homeowner should open it using emergency keys.

If you are considering a door with some privacy and higher security, this knob will help you to reach that purpose.

However, you need to share the emergency keys with the people you trust. There are a lot of designs available on the market for this doorknob.

4. Storeroom Door Knob

As the name of this knob, this style is for a storeroom. You can lock and unlock this knob using the key.

The uses of a door knob are protecting what’s inside the storeroom and you have to handle the key by yourself or the people in your family only. This door knob price depends on the security level.

The uniqueness of this door is that the condition of the door is always unlocked all the time from the inside.

It’s different from the outside because when you take the key from the knob, then the door is unlocked. Some door knobs have premium quality locks to ensure the security of the storeroom.

5. Keyed Entry Door Knob

Some houses and offices use this door knob because it is very versatile. From the outside, you can lock and unlock the door.

From the inside, you only need to turn the button on to open the door. This feature from the keyed entry door knob is popular as a fire or emergency exit door.

Some door lock models have lock and unlock features from both inside and outside. This door is common to use in a lot of houses as an exterior door.

You can improve the security of this door by having another glass panel door to adjacent windows. The key of this door knob has several grading of security.

Door Knob Price List

The door knob price in the Philippines is different according to the brand and the function. Some brands sell the door knob in sets and they give some keys in the set.

Take a look at the list of some brands which sell high-quality door knobs below:

Door Knob Type and Brand


Corona entrance deadbolt single lock1,889
Hausmann keyed entry series430
Powerhouse knob set lockset194
Amerilock door knob 3-keys505
Nugen lockset stainless steel185
Ares cylindrical entrance lockset150
Love&Home cylindrical door knob169
DDAN stainless steel home lock635
Amerilock privacy door knob479
Gateman knob set289
Bestguard antique alloy door handle98
Sobo antique brass lock set322
Standard lock set351

The door knob price is different but mostly has the same function. The knob will help people to open and shut the door easily.

Make sure the one you choose has the best quality and is adjusted to the function you want. Some knobs may not fit the purpose of security or privacy. Check the key function before buying.